3 ways this new resource library can save teachers time

A happy teacher reviewing student work.

No matter what subject you teach, how old your students are or what your learning environment looks like, we know time is your most valuable resource. The COVID-19 pandemic required teachers to stretch their work days even further. Read on to learn more about the Lumio library, recently released in Lumio, and how it can help you save time.

3 Powerful Ways Lumio's Resource Library Will Save Teachers Time

1. Quick access to ready-made resources

Part of our latest launch in Lumio, the resource library has many ready-to-go, interactive resources as well as collections of lessons already assembled for teachers to use wherever and whenever.

Save time by grabbing the content right at your fingertips. Lumio collections focus on key topics like Distance Learning, Managing your Classroom, Emotional Literacy, new manipulatives and more (with even more on the way). When looking at the resource library, you’ll notice a wide variety of resources including, collaborative workspaces, game-based activities, digital handouts, formative assessments and more!

2. Grab what you need with one click

Once you’ve selected the resource you’d like, simply add it to your lesson library with one click. No need to download and save, just one click and it’s yours.

3. Customizable your lessons to meet your classes needs 

All content in the Lumio resource library is customizable so you can tweak them to suit your students, your class and your learning environment! Lumio resources are flexible so you can make changes without recreating content from scratch.

Add manipulatives, game based activities or collaborative activities to get the most out of your Lumio lessons.

Want to learn more? Learn more about Lumio's new features and how to save valuable time with Lumio.

  1. Want to dig deeper in your own time? Check out the support pages and learn more about Lumio's new features. 
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