Get In The Game! 5 Game-Based Activity Ideas To Try

A student and teacher complete a game-based word search activity on Lumio.

What Are Game-Based Activities? 

Game-based activities aim to teach through repetition, failure, and the accomplishment of goals. In Lumio by SMART, game-based activities help students work toward a goal, choosing actions and experiencing the consequences of those actions in the form of feedback. For example, in a Super Sort activity, objects shimmy when wrong and disappear when moved to the correct category. With Lumio’s game-based activities, students are actively learning and practicing how concepts connect. 

Benefits Of Game-Based Learning

There are several benefits to game-based learning for students in the classroom. Games foster social and emotional learning, collaboration, motivation, healthy risk-taking, confidence, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Games can also build a positive classroom community, reinforce learning, promote good sportsmanship, and increase memory while reducing stress and encouraging teamwork. Plus, games are just fun!

Try It!

Below are five game-based activities your students would benefit from playing in Lumio. Try these as they are or adapt them to meet your students’ needs!


  1. Card Calculations. Use Flip Out to create authentic opportunities to demonstrate understanding of specific concepts. For example, you can create math games with digital playing cards to practice and strengthen math operations with Flip Out and randomized task cards. Try it now.
  2. Number Connections. Adapt a traditional word search in an individual Handout or collaborative Workspace by adding infinitely cloned objects that students can use to create math equations. Students can drag the correct math operations symbol horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to connect numbers into problems and solutions. Try it now.
  3. What’s The Rule? Provide students with multiple examples of an equation that can represent the same solution. Ask students to solve the equation and find the solution in order to match up their responses to the correct category in a Match ‘Em Up! activity. Try it now.
  4. Defending It My Way. Increase critical thinking skills with student-led discussions. Students justify their thinking and bring the group to a consensus by ranking topics, concepts, or characteristics. This rigorous Rank Order activity challenges students’ position on a concept as they verbally articulate their thinking to defend it. Try it now.
  5. Now I See It. Students analyze a visual to create real-world responses demonstrating their understanding of key concepts and learning. Label Reveal allows for student selection of tasks, opportunities to make predictions, and options for students to communicate learning. Try it now.


Ready For More?

Are you ready to enhance lesson content by adding custom-made games? You can create engaging, interactive activities for students in five easy steps. Learn more about how to make these game-based activities by viewing this recent Ready? Set. SMART! webinar.

I would love to learn how you are using Lumio’s game-based activities in your classroom! Tag me @JenTechSMART on Twitter or use #WeAreSMART on any social media app and share your favorites!