An inclusive education scene where a teacher guides a young student through an interactive lesson on a tablet.

Accessibility with Lumio

Inclusive classrooms from the ground up

Designed for equal access, Lumio offers tools and opportunities for all students, no matter how they think and learn.

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Removing barriers so everyone can learn

Participation and engagement increase when all students can access instructional materials. This makes the learning environment better for everyone. Lumio’s unique inclusive design helps students focus and stay interested, giving every student a voice during each lesson.

How Lumio supports inclusion

Ready-mades and templates

Multi-modal activities

Provide students agency in expression with options to select text, images, or draw with the pen tool.

Digital manipulatives

Help students physically demonstrate learning using digital manipulatives, without relying on writing or speech.

Flexible lesson pacing and practice

Support self-regulated learning with a variety of game-based activities and toggling between student and teacher pacing to support learners as needed.

Multiple options for collaborative work

Allow students to move in and out of collaborative group work, repeat practice activities, get teacher and peer feedback, and review learning content as often as needed, at a pace that works for them.

Lumio features

Hands-on for everyone

Designing an inclusive classroom benefits all learners. Our features are designed with all students in mind, so you can spend less time prepping and more time connecting.

Icon illustrating an immersive reader feature with a book and bookmark for enhanced reading comprehension.

Immersive reader

Provide text-to-speech, translation, contrast, and other text accessibility and literacy support tools.

Icon depicting a microphone for recording audio instructions for accessibility and learning.

Instructional audio

Enhance learning and support students with the option to include audio instructions.

Icon for teacher and student pacing control in educational settings, featuring a clock and user symbol.

Lesson pacing

Choose between synchronous instruction to focus students when needed and asynchronous student-driven practice.

Icon representing manipulatives, featuring a graphic of connected blocks.


Hands-on learning experiences at every students’ fingertips, wherever they are.

Circle icon with a 'T' used to denote text customization options.

Fonts and backgrounds

Increase text readability with OpenDyslexic font as well as a selection of sans serifs fonts and customizable background colors, available for teachers and students.

Magnifying glass icon used to represent personalized viewing options

Personalized view

Students can independently adjust the zoom level of any page to focus on specific details or enlarge content.

Icon of stylized quotation marks indicating a testimonial about an educational platform.

“Lumio is the best tool I’ve found to promote digital inclusion, period. I’ve seen it empower students with diverse learning profiles through its engagement tools and accessible features.

Anthony H.
EdTech Innovation Resource Teacher

Give every student a voice with Lumio

We don’t just make learning accessible, we make it fun and engaging for students and teachers. Interested in learning more? We’d love to support your students.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can teachers use Lumio to help all students learn?

    Lumio makes it easy for teachers to teach the same lesson to all students, simply adjusting how students engage based on their needs.

    Lumio uniquely allows the transition between teacher and student pacing as well as allowing students to move back and forth through a lesson, allowing students to work at the pace best suited to their needs.

  • How does Lumio make my lesson interactive?
    Lumio provides teachers an opportunity to create an interactive journey filled with activities, games, group workspaces, formative assessments, and more, all from a single place.
  • What lessons are accessible to all students?

    We have a variety of resources available for teachers to use that can easily be modified to meet student needs.

    To try them out, explore the Lumio Library!