Smiling student engaging with a digital learning platform on a laptop in a classroom setting.

Light up learning

Effortlessly engage every student on any device using Lumio’s dynamic, collaborative web-based learning platform.

Icon highlighting access to all Standard features of the learning platform with a checkmark in a box. Access to all Standard features

Icon indicating no credit card required for the educational service with a crossed-out credit card. No credit card required

Icon for 50MB of lesson storage space featuring a cloud with a downward arrow. 50MB of lesson storage

More ways to…

ALL without juggling other browser tabs or tools.

What Lumio brings to your classroom

Give your students an interactive experience filled with activities, games, Group Workspaces, formative assessments, and more, all from a single place.

Icon depicting multiple devices, symbolizing active engagement with students on any device

Actively engage your students on any device — from anywhere

Icon showing a network of user avatars, representing the facilitation of digital collaboration in class or small groups.

Facilitate digital collaboration with the whole class or small groups

Icon of a slideshow, indicating the feature to edit and transform slides into interactive learning experiences.

Edit and transform existing slides and handouts into hands-on learning

Icon with a speech bubble containing stars above a user avatar and an upward trending graph, representing performance feedback.

Collect and save student progress and provide individualized feedback

Icon of stylized quotation marks indicating a testimonial about an educational platform.

I love being able to import my own materials and add a little Lumio spice to make the lessons collaborative, fun, and a tool I can use to gather valuable feedback.

Sarah M.
Math Teacher
Graphic showcasing a variety of compatible educational technology tools symbolized by various icons, indicating integration with Lumio.

From Canva to Slides, Desmos to YouTube, Lumio works with the tech tools you are already using. 

Explore tool integrations
The science behind Lumio

Specifically designed to improve student outcomes – it’s not just fun, it works!

Discover the evidence-based learning sciences and empirical research that drives Lumio's product development.

Improve attention and focus

Enable consistent checks-for-understanding

Increase accessibility for all learners

Graphic display of a laptop screen with various educational resources, highlighting ready-made materials to save planning time for teachers.

Ready-made resources

Spend less time planning and more time connecting

  • Thousands of FREE ready-made resources and lesson content created by teachers for teachers
  • Customizable games, graphic organizers, digital manipulatives, and quizzes for grades K-12
  • A growing library of resources built in partnership with brands you know and love

Discover free resources
Teacher and student engaging with educational software on a computer, reflecting Lumio's impact in classrooms.

Lumio is loved and trusted by over 1.3 million teachers worldwide.

Illustrative graphic showing a computer, tablet, and mobile device with security features, symbolizing Lumio's integration and privacy in school environments.

Why schools and districts love Lumio

  • Makes all your student devices, including Chromebooks and tablets, even more interactive
  • Integrates with existing platforms
  • Simple and smooth deployment
  • Exceptional privacy and security; GDPR, COPPA, and FERPA compliant
  • All at a much lower price than comparable options

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Icon of stylized quotation marks indicating a testimonial about an educational platform.

With Lumio, we’re able to lean into our district’s goal of leading with students at the forefront of education. And that’s how it should be.

Diane H.
Supervisor of Instructional Technology


From individual to district-wide, there’s a plan that fits your needs. And all at a much lower price than comparable options!

Elementary school teacher guiding students through a learning activity on a digital tablet in a classroom environment.

Bring learning to life in active and collaborative ways – you’ll see your students’ faces light up!

Teachers, get Lumio for FREE.

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Save costs and simplify your tech approach with a platform that lets teachers do it all.

Administrators, bring Lumio to your school or district.