An enthusiastic child in a wheelchair engages with a digital educational tool showing stages of plant development, highlighted with interactive icons. An 'ISTE Live 24 Denver' sign is displayed, promoting the event.

Discover the most powerful tech for student engagement…

… and so much more. Join SMART at ISTELive 2024 in Denver for PD, parties, and possibilities – made possible with great tech.

What’s going on?

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June 23-26, 2024 | Denver Colorado

Discover your next great idea | Booth #1132


Inclusivity: SMART is committed to supporting inclusive learning environments by increasing access to participation and engagement for students and focusing on accessible design, access, and voice.

Longevity: SMART is the best investment you can make for long-term ROI. Our products are designed to consume less energy to stay in your classrooms longer.

Join our friends from Lumio at booth 1132! Discover their web-based tools for student engagement that works on any device, any board, anywhere.

Grab ready-to-use content. AND discover how it works with tools you know and love, like epic!, Tynker, ReadWorks, Desmos, and more.

Looking forward to seeing you at ISTELive 2024. Keep an eye on our schedule to get all the details on everything going on at our booth. See you Denver!