Your 2023 Lumio Wrapped: Reviewing a year of collaborative, engaging Lumio lessons

Bright graphic with a yellow and blue with the words “Your 2023 Lumio Wrapped” overlaid.

Thank you to all the incredible educators who made 2023 an outstanding year with Lumio! As we wrap up this year, let's dive into the stats and exciting activities that shaped our digital learning journey.

Your favorite Lumio resources

You’ve spoken loud and clear! 'Shout It Out' became a classroom favorite, buzzing with activity—clocking in at an impressive 118.6K uses this year! But wait, the champion of engagement? 'Handout Activities,' stealing the show with a staggering 1.24M uses. Bravo!

When it comes to fun and learning combined, the title for the most beloved game-based activity goes to 'Match ‘Em Up,' sparking excitement with 211.7K plays. Who knew learning could be this much fun?

Most searched for lesson content

2023 was a fabulous year for creating engaging Lumio lessons. The enthusiasm for Lumio peaked in October, marked by a flurry of clicks to save to the library. You sure welcomed the new school year well!

Sounds like our teachers are looking for content to support their math lessons, as the most searched for topic was fractions.

Manipulatives took the stage this past year as the top downloaded lesson of 2023 was  Ten Frames! Download the lesson to your Lumio Library to see what all the hype is about today:

And for the teachers that let their creativity run wild, graph, lined, dotted paper backgrounds were their favorite page templates. Students love to draw, type, design and create with these page templates and you can use them for your class too:

Teacher and student logins

In the Lumio community, our doors were always open wide! A remarkable 354,900 dedicated teachers used Lumio in 2023, spreading knowledge, engaging students and inspiring the next generation of learners.

But it doesn't end there—Lumio proudly welcomed an incredible 3.25M enthusiastic student logins. Together, we formed a robust community of 3.6 million Lumio users, who share a passion for learning. We’re so grateful for each and every one of you.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every educator and student who contributed their time, creativity, and dedication to make Lumio a thriving hub of learning adventures. Your commitment has been the driving force behind our success.

Lastly, a massive thank you to our Lumio team, whose continuous support and innovation have made this incredible journey possible. Your dedication to fostering engaging and collaborative learning environments has truly made a difference.

As we embark on a new year filled with endless possibilities, let's carry forward the spirit of collaboration and exploration. Here's to an even more inspiring and enriching 2024 with Lumio!

The Lumio Team