The Why Behind the Firefly: Discover how Lumio's features support desired student outcomes

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Lumio is backed by evidence-based learning science and empirical research, making it a powerful choice for educators. We’re proud to ground our product in research. We do this to better support students and teachers in their daily lessons.

We’ve created the Lumio Logic Model to capture the essence of our product on a single page. Let's explore why Lumio is a stand- out web-based learning tool and how it directly supports essential pillars like student engagement, checking for understanding, and accessible learning for all.

Lumio has been Certified by Digital Promise

We’re thrilled to announce that Lumio was just awarded the Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products Certification from Digital Promise. This is a huge accomplishment as we take pride in our research-backed product theory.

Digital Promise is an advocate for equitable learning experiences in all classrooms - one of the many things we have in common. The certification is aimed at recognizing research-based products. Products go through a rigorous assessment process to certify that they are designed according to research. Research-Based Certified Products indicates that a product is grounded in learning science, and designed specifically to meet the needs of all learners.

Certifications are becoming increasingly more important in the education landscape. As budgets constrict and learning gaps remain, decision makers need to select the products that are right for their classrooms, teachers and most importantly, students. Certifications can help decision makers navigate the congested EdTech landscape and identify the right products for their needs.

Tools that have been awarded the Research-Based Design for Instructional Learning Products Certification are able to show product efficacy through data - an important piece when showing the true value of a tool. Lumio is no exception, we’ve developed the Lumio Logic Model to showcase how research has shaped our product.

To receive this certification, a product must prove:

  1. Empirical research informed the design of the product
  2. A theoretical framework, like our Lumio Logic Model, grounded in research about how people learn to drive product planning and decision making
  3. Users and decision makers have access to and understand the research

We’re honored that the hard work and research that we’ve put into Lumio has been recognized by Digital Promise.

How has research shaped Lumio’s design

We ground our product in research. We also want to make it easy for Lumio users to understand how we do that. That’s why we’ve introduced the Lumio Logic Model.

A logic model should provide a big picture view that guides product development and efficacy efforts for the product moving forward. The Lumio Logic model showcases how it brings learning to life for teachers and students alike.

A Logic Model is a concise document that reveals the product's impact on users. Lumio's Logic Model guides its development and efficacy efforts, proving its effectiveness in enhancing learning experiences. The platform empowers teachers to connect meaningfully with students, amplifying best teaching practices while minimizing effort.

Our Lumio team underwent extensive research to identify student and teachers needs, develop teaching and learning best practices and show the benefits of our products. The breadth of research is substantial, including 10 peer-reviewed sources ranging from the University of Lancaster to the Journal of Special Education Technology.

What we’ve found is that Lumio's success lies in the three crucial areas: student engagement, check for understanding, and accessibility.

Research shows that adopting student-centered approaches positively impacts engagement. Lumio's features like student-paced mode, game-based learning activities, and manipulatives foster comprehension, understanding, and retention. Learning is so much more meaningful when students are actively engaged in the work.

Teachers can efficiently check for understanding through Lumio's formative and summative assessment opportunities, using the Activity Dashboard to track student performance effectively. Discover the Activity Dashboard on YouTube.

Lumio's Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach ensures accessible learning for all students, bridging the learning gap and catering to diverse needs, including disabilities and accommodations.

Why Choose Lumio?

Lumio's commitment to research-driven product development and the proven impact on student outcomes sets it apart from other EdTech tools.

We believe EdTech shouldn’t be ANOTHER thing for teachers to learn, implement and keep up with. With Lumio, teachers can easily integrate Lumio into their classrooms because of its intuitive design and alignment with best teaching practices. It’s no wonder why teachers are putting it at the front of their teaching strategies.

Experience the transformative impact of Lumio for yourself. Lumio is free to try. Discover how it enhances learning for both educators and students, ensuring meaningful engagement, effective assessments, and accessible education for all.