Using Lumio for Science and STEM: Join Ambassador Monica's Session at Lumio Palooza

A photo of Lumio Ambassador Dr. Monica Alicea with the title “Engage your students in Science and Stem at Lumio Palooza”
Lumio Palooza has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the party has to end. Learn on-demand this summer with our Lumio Palooza YouTube Playlist and earn PD hours, on your own time. Make sure to complete the survey linked in the caption to collect your certificate.

Happy summer break educators! Summer is finally here, and so is Lumio's exciting professional development event: Lumio Palooza! Running from July 18th to 19th, 2023, this event brings together educators from around the world to share their expertise and love for Lumio.

One session you absolutely can't miss is Dr. Monica Alicea's captivating presentation on integrating Lumio into Science and STEM classrooms. Regardless of grade level, age, or ability, Lumio has something for your classroom. Join Monica's session, "Lumio, Science, and STEM: The Perfect Blend," and discover innovative ways to engage students, foster personalized learning, and unlock the full potential of Lumio!

Monica's Passion for Education and Digital Literacy

Monica's journey in education began 32 years ago; and her passion for digital literacy has only grown stronger over time. She has witnessed the remarkable evolution of technology in the classroom, from the days of limited resources (remember those old computers and dial-up internet?) to the current era of immersive learning experiences.

As an instructional technology coach, Monica is dedicated to empowering fellow educators to leverage technology for improved student engagement and personalized learning. With her wealth of experience and commitment to education, Monica is the perfect presenter for Lumio Palooza.

Engaging Students with Lumio in the Elementary Classroom

Monica's Lumio Palooza session, titled "Lumio, Science, and STEM: The Perfect Blend," is all about showcasing the incredible power of Lumio in the elementary classroom. Attendees will discover how Lumio supports science and STEM lessons, transforming them into engaging and interactive learning experiences with different tools, manipulatives, games and simulations.

Monica will guide teachers through primary and secondary lessons. By leveraging Lumio's extensive library, Monica will show teachers how they can easily create captivating lessons that cater to diverse learning styles and ignite students' curiosity and creativity.

Empowering Technology Coaches and Sharing Practical Resources

If you're a technology coach seeking effective ways to support fellow educators, Monica's session is an absolute must-attend. She understands the challenges faced by coaches who may not have the time or resources to create their own content from scratch.

Monica emphasizes the immense value of Lumio's comprehensive library, which offers a wide range of pre-existing resources that can be easily customized to suit specific classroom needs. During her session, Monica will compile a comprehensive Wakelet containing grade-level specific lesson plans. These invaluable resources will empower educators to seamlessly integrate Lumio into their curriculum and deliver engaging and personalized learning experiences.

Don't wait another moment! Sign up for Lumio Palooza today and secure your spot in Monica's session. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from a seasoned educator and technology coach who is passionate about transforming classrooms with Lumio.

Whether you're a teacher looking to engage your students in Science and STEM or a technology coach seeking practical resources to support your colleagues, Monica's session will revolutionize your approach to teaching. Join us at Lumio Palooza and discover the endless possibilities that Lumio offers for personalized learning and student engagement.