Looking for a ClassFlow alternative? Say Hello to Lumio

An animation of a teacher using a laptop. The title reads “Looking for a ClassFlow Alternative? Say hello to Lumio.”

While the news that Promethean's ClassFlow software will be discontinued on December 31, 2023, may be met with concern for those who have been long-time users of ClassFlow, we’re here with news you’re going to like! Lumio, a free and even more robust alternative, is here to fill the void and support you and your classroom.

Lumio is a web-based learning platform that provides a wealth of features that not only match what ClassFlow offers but also do so much more to effortlessly enhance learning experiences on student devices. Let’s explore  Lumio and why picking it up is a no-brainer for educators seeking a ClassFlow alternative.

Free and comprehensive

Lumio is FREE! You get all the bells and whistles of Lumio, 50MB of storage and a comprehensive suite of tools that support your teaching and student’s learning needs. This includes teacher-paced and student-paced lesson delivery, a variety of assessment types, collaborative class flow options, game-based activities and thousands of ready-made resources.

Easy to use - for teachers and students

Lumio is user-friendly and designed with you in mind. It's intuitive to navigate, enabling educators to hit the ground running without extensive training sessions. You can focus more on what truly matters: doing what’s best for your students.

Want the option to use the content you already have? No problem! Lumio effortlessly transforms your PDFs, Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Notebook files into dynamic, engaging learning experiences.

As well, Lumio is designed to enable student learning experiences, not hinder them. Students are able to join lessons, interact and collaborate intuitively, no matter their age, grade or technology skills.

Assessments & insights

Like ClassFlow, Lumio offers easy-to-build assessments with the Response feature that includes quizzes, polls, and other formative assessments that can be inserted into your lessons. However, Lumio takes it to the next level by offering a variety of other options to check for understanding - more on that later!

Lumio also offers real-time insights into student progress, providing teachers with valuable feedback tools to support student growth. Turn any lesson page into an individual handout to monitor student progress and provide in-the-moment feedback. It’s that easy!

Empower collaborative classes

Lumio easily facilitates digital collaboration among students, allowing them to share ideas, work together, and build on each other's learning. Transform a lesson page into a ‘Group Workspace’ to encourage collaboration, brainstorm ideas collectively, facilitate discussions and promote peer-to-peer learning.

Educators can also add one of our favorite built-in activities, Shout-It-Out to transform collaboration into an engaging, interactive experience your students will want to be a part of.

Game-based activities

Lumio makes learning fun with 12 game-based activity templates! These games offer an interactive, engaging experience for students while providing you with another option for quick checks for understanding.

This suite of tools means that Lumio is not just a replacement for ClassFlow—it's your new EdTech BFF. So why not get started and explore all that Lumio has to offer to light up learning!