Sandford Hill’s focus on learning outcomes leads to one conclusion: Lumio

Alt text:	A classroom at Sandford Hill Primary School showcasing students working on their student devices and a teacher instructing on her SMART Board.
As part of our Back to School blog series, hear how Dan Jones, an experienced teacher and Digital Learning Lead from Sandford Hill Primary School, and the teachers of Sandford Hill use Lumio in their classrooms every day. Sandford Hill is a 2-form entry Primary school in Stoke-on-Trent. They have transformed the way their children learn using one tool: Lumio.

“We are focused on Learning outcomes” is a phrase we understand and adhere to. But as 1-2-1 devices become ever more present in classrooms, are we at risk in implementing EdTech with Tech taking a higher priority than the education itself? Not at Sandford Hill Primary School.

Mr. Wardle, the Head Teacher at Sandford Hill, explained why they chose to use Lumio; “Whatever we did, the education needed to be backed in research… and the tech needed to just, work.” He was referring to the journey they began back in 2020, a year before the Lockdowns began and a time when Sandford Hill Primary School wanted to roll out 1:1 devices across the school. Whatever choice that was made needed to enhance teaching and learning and be a proven way to improve outcomes.

After trialing many other EdTech platforms, Daniel Jones, Digital Learning Lead, was delighted to discover Lumio. Daniel found that not only could he run his lessons from his device and it show on the student devices, but he could enhance these lessons by including whole-class discussion boards, videos and low-stakes quizzes to provide instant feedback to the students.

“Lumio has completely transformed the way that I teach. Through individual handouts and game-based activities, every child can engage at each point of the lesson, creating a noticeable sense of involvement from everyone in the classroom. The level of excitement and enthusiasm for learning that I see daily through using Lumio is hard to imagine without using this platform. Student-paced mode allows me to better direct children to the content that they really need, rather than having concerns about holding children back or rushing them along. Because of this, children feel both challenged and supported, always having something purposeful to be engaged with. I am incredibly impressed by SMART Lumio, the sense of purpose it has given to our digital devices and the difference that it has made to the children in my class. It has become an integral aspect of my teaching and is certainly the future of how technology and education can work hand in hand.”
– Mr. Jones (Year 6 Class Teacher).

During the past years, Sandford Hill has developed a robust EdTech strategy, ensuring time for purposeful reflection and many opportunities for staff growth. Led by Mr. Jones, Lumio is now part of everyday teaching across both Key Stages and is vital to the way students learn. An ‘outcomes first’ approach and using technology that just works has been key. 1-2-1 devices are now an integral tool to teaching and Learning and combined with leadership that has a key focus on staff development has led to some outstanding practice at Sandford Hill Primary School.

So, what are you waiting for? Teachers are putting Lumio at the front of their teaching strategies and so can you. Discover the wonderful world of Lumio here: