Explore Student Paced Mode at Lumio Palooza with Ambassador Dan Jones

Lumio Palooza Graphic with Dan Jones headshot.
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In today's rapidly evolving educational landscape, technology plays a crucial role in transforming traditional teaching methods. One platform that has garnered immense popularity among educators and schools is Lumio. Lumio has become a game-changer in digital learning and has made a huge difference in the way both teachers teach and students learn. Dan Jones, an experienced teacher from Sandford Hill Primary School, shares his excitement towards Lumio with us here.

As a Lumio Certified Trainer and Ambassador, Dan is set to deliver an engaging session at Lumio Palooza, the global PD event for teachers on July 18th and 19th, 2023.

Let's dive into Dan's journey with Lumio and his passion for technology in education. Plus, find out what to expect to get from Dan's session at Lumio Palooza, where he will delve into the power of student paced mode and student-lead learning.

Empowering Educators with Digital Learning

Dan's fascination with technology began when he first started pursuing his education degree and trained to become a teacher. Quickly, he realized the untapped potential of incorporating digital learning tools into classrooms.

“I've worked at Sandford Hill Primary School for about five years now and I've always considered us to be very forward-thinking. We were fortunate to be given a number of devices a couple of years ago which the school then invested in further to allow each child to have their own device. We strongly believe that digital learning has fantastic potential and will best prepare our children for a successful future”

While exploring various digital learning platforms, Dan discovered Lumio and instantly recognized its value. In fact, Dan has documented his schools adoption of digital tools and Lumio with Padlet.

“I looked at lots of different platforms at the time but finally we found Lumio and we've been using it across all classrooms for around two years.”

What sets Lumio apart is its ability to consolidate various features into one user-friendly interface. Teachers at Dan's school appreciated the platform's reliability, often remarking that "it just works." Lumio's intuitive design made it easy for both teachers and students to adapt, and the familiarization process was further enhanced by the students' enthusiasm and willingness to assist adults in navigating the platform.

Unleashing the Power of Student Paced Mode

Dan's Lumio Palooza session will focus on just one key Lumio feature—student paced mode. This simple yet transformative functionality allows teachers to individualize learning experiences and address the diverse needs of their students. By enabling student paced mode, teachers can guide students through a single learning route while allowing them to progress at their own pace. This shift eliminates the need for multiple worksheets and ensures that each student receives the appropriate level of challenge and support.

Dan's session will also delve into the theoretical underpinnings of cognitive load theory, a vital framework in modern education. Join this session to explore how student paced learning aligns with facilitating meaningful learning experiences. Gain practical insights into optimizing working memory, managing split attention, and incorporating effective work-to-example strategies. By leveraging student paced mode, educators can provide clear and uncluttered learning materials, offer ample processing time, and encourage students to revisit and reinforce concepts.

If you're looking for ways to engage your classes in student lead learning, you won't want to miss this session. Sign up to discover innovative practices that leverage this mode to enhance student engagement, deepen understanding, and improve learning outcomes.

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