SMART Technologies ULC Privacy Vision


Privacy by design and privacy by default.

This Involves

Being proactive, not reactive
Preventative, not remedial
We aim to prevent breaches before they happen by designing our software products to capture as little personal information as possible.
Privacy as the default setting There are no privacy settings in our products because we don’t want you to share anything except the bare minimum required.
Privacy embedded in the design Privacy is not an afterthought to us. Privacy is at the core of our software design. The result is that privacy is an essential component at the core of our business.
Full Functionality:
Positive-sum, not zero-sum
We do not sell or trade your personal information. SMART wins because we value your privacy (positive-sum) not because we exploit it (zero-sum).
Full Lifecycle Protection
We ensure all data is securely stored, transmitted and then destroyed upon your request or at the end of the process in a timely fashion. We only keep what is required for legal and tax reasons.
Visibility and Transparency:
Keep it Open
We tell you exactly what information we collect and what we do with it.
Respect for User Privacy:
Keep it User-Centric
We protect the interests of our users by keeping you informed.

Last Updated: May 15, 2018