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Legal information

Legal Notice

Legal notice and terms of use

Read about the terms for using SMART's website and accessing the content we have made available. You can also find out about our policy for dealing with unsolicited submissions and the rules for downloading software from our website.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Learn about SMART's policy regarding the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

TM Guidelines

Trademark guidelines and usage

View the complete list of SMART trademarks and find out how our word and logo trademarks are to be properly displayed and used.

Terms of Use Apps

Terms of Use for Apps

Privacy Policy Apps

Privacy Policy for Apps


Learn more aboutĀ SMART's beginnings, our ongoing accomplishments and our commitment to quality and innovation.

Patent notices

SMART's products, or portions thereof, are covered by various Canadian and U.S. patents. Additionally, patent applications are pending in several countries.

Corporate logos

SMART's logo designs are trademarked and must display a TM symbol according to our logo guidelines.