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In 1991 SMART changed education forever. The SMART Board has evolved, but its impact in classrooms and boardrooms has remained constant.

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Answers for candidates

Frequently asked questions

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Where does my résumé go after I submit it online?

It ends up in a folder dedicated to the position you applied for. Our staffing specialists and hiring managers are then able to easily review all the résumés for that particular position.

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I'm a bit of a keener. Can I apply for more than one position?

You'll fit right in. Feel free to apply for any positions that match your skill set and interest you.

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Do I need the right to work in the country to which I am applying?

Yes, you do need to be legally eligible to work in the country where the position is located.

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I'm having technical issues with the online application process. Is there someone I can contact before I throw my computer out the window?

Still, it's better than working on a typewriter, right? Please e-mail us at if you experience any technical issues. A staffing specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

Be sure to include the following information in your e-mail:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Screen shot of the error message, if available
  • Description of what you were attempting to do when you received the error
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How long will my application be held on file?

We hold applications on file for 12 months. However, we encourage interested candidates to update their profiles and résumés every 6 months to keep them current.

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Will SMART notify me if I do not get selected for an interview?

Due to the volume of résumés that we receive, we are only able to contact those applicants who have been selected for further consideration.

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Do I need to dress to impress at the interview?

We're more interested in you than your clothes. Dress code at SMART is business casual

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Do you offer internships and co-op programs? Where can I find information about them?

We participate in co-op and internship programs at various universities, and the programs follow the respective university's guidelines. If you do not see any SMART opportunities posted at your university, you can e-mail for more information.

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