Inclusive holiday teacher resources from Lumio: Signed, sealed and delivered

A graphic showing a teacher and three students in holiday attire, one holding a Hanukkah Menorah and one wearing a Santa hat. Accompanied by the title of the blog: Inclusive Holiday Lessons from Lumio.

As we gear up for the holiday season, classrooms are abuzz with curiosity, especially when it comes to exploring different holiday celebrations. One of our favorite ways to get students talking about culture and celebrations is to use the fabulous ready-made in Lumio.

Explore a variety of holiday and winter teacher resources to foster engaging and inclusive conversations in your classroom. Pair that with Lumio’s engaging teaching resources and you have a recipe for a fun, festive learning experience.

Kwanzaa Math Facts

Infuse the essence of Kwanzaa into math-based activities, allowing students to delve into the traditions and principles of this vibrant cultural celebration. This lesson seamlessly merges Kwanzaa's cultural richness with various mathematical concepts, offering a wide array of activities and skills themed around this festive celebration.

And when your students ask for more, try Evaluating Expressions: Kwanzaa Edition. This festive and engaging math resource combines the spirit of Kwanzaa with the power of mathematical expressions. Combining cultural traditions, math concepts and interactive games has never been so fun.

What is Hanukkah?

Uncover the cultural significance and rituals of Hanukkah, providing students with insights into the traditions associated with this festival of lights.

Explore Hanukkah with this ready-made Lumio Lesson, full of engaging learning opportunities including an informative video, student handouts, fill in the blank activity, sorting activity and more.

New Year Celebrations Around The World

Take your students on a global exploration of diverse New Year customs. This lesson introduces interactive games and tasks that shed light on how different countries celebrate the new year, promoting cultural understanding and inclusivity. Your class might even pick up a few new traditions along the way.

And many more…

Our instructional team has been hard at work crafting brand-new teacher resources specifically tailored for your festive classroom. Dive into the Lumio Library’s featured section to uncover an assortment of holiday and winter resources ready to complement your curriculum. From interactive games to cultural explorations and creative art projects, these lessons provide an opportunity to infuse your classroom with the holiday spirit while offering enriching learning experiences for your students. Explore these resources in Lumio and adapt them to suit your unique teaching needs.