Enhance your lessons with Scottish Gaelic | Now available in Lumio

Flat graphic of three students in green uniforms, in front of a bright green background. The Gaelic word for welcome “Fàilte” appears above.

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to the Lumio platform that celebrates and preserves cultural heritage. Introducing Scottish Gaelic as a supported language in Lumio! This exciting development most importantly, enhances accessibility for Scottish educators and students. As well, this enhancement signifies our commitment to diversity, inclusivity and accessibility, enabling students and teachers to connect through the languages they honor.

Embracing the Gaelic language

Scottish Gaelic is a language with deep historical roots and rich cultural significance. By incorporating Scottish Gaelic into Lumio, we aim to support Gaelic-speaking students and educators. One of our main goals is to support teachers in delivering interactive, engaging and inspiring learning experiences; in their native languages.

So, why Scottish Gaelic? Supporting the Scottish Gaelic language in Lumio is a step towards more inclusive educational technology. Scottish Gaelic is a significant symbol of Scotland's culture, history, and identity, and by supporting it, we acknowledge the importance of language and the role it plays in education. Scottish teachers looking to enhance their lessons can now look to Lumio to engage students in interactive learning experiences and simplify lesson planning.

How to use Scottish Gaelic in Lumio

To start using Gaelic for education on Lumio, simply update your language settings in your preferred browser. Whether you're creating new lessons, engaging with interactive activities, or collaborating on projects, Lumio now offers a fully immersive speaking experience.

In the effort to deliver better learning experiences, educators and students can look forward to:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Gaelic-speakers using Gaelic in their preferred browser will now experience Lumio in their native language. This not only makes learning accessible to Gaelic-speakers but creates an inclusive learning environment where every student feels supported and valued.

  • Cultural Preservation: Language and culture is important in education. We're proud to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the language, encouraging new generations to learn and use it.

  • Immersive Learning: Students can now immerse themselves into languages in Lumio. Dive into the culture and traditions with interactive games and activities from Lumio.

What’s next for Lumio?

The launch of Scottish Gaelic is just the beginning. We are committed to expanding our language offerings to support educators and students around the world. Stay tuned for more updates as we work to make Lumio the most inclusive and accessible educational platform available.

We're excited to see how educators and students in the Gaelic-speaking community will use Lumio to enhance their learning experiences. As always, we welcome your feedback and stories of how Lumio is making a difference in your classroom. At any time, you can select the question mark symbol in Lumio and select “Provide Feedback” directly inside of the platform.

Here's to a future where every student has the opportunity to learn in their language, and every educator has the tools to make it happen. Fàilte gu Gàidhlig air Lumio!