Two professionals smiling in front of two SMART boards.

Für die Zukunft konzipiert.

Einfach zu beherrschen und einfach zu warten - SMART-Lösungen sind nach dem Prinzip „Einfach loslegen“ konzipiert. Sie lassen sich in die bereits vorhandenen Tools und Technologien integrieren, die Sie damit einfacher, effektiver und häufiger nutzen können.

Jan 24-26, 2024 | Orange County Convention Center 

Discover your next great idea | Booth #915

Check out the highlights from last year.

Have you met the ONLY interactive display that allows multiple users to write, erase, and ink over multiple applications, all at the same time? Visit us at FETC to try the next generation of SMART Boards that combine creative power with multitouch interaction - all in an affordable, long-lasting package.
Looking for Lumio? Discover our friends at Lumio at booth 915 too - THE tool for student engagement everywhere. Create lessons. Add games and activities. Grab ready to use content. AND discover how it works with tools you know and love, like epic!, Tynker, ReadWorks, Desmos, and more.

We’ll see you in Orlando at FETC 2024!