SMART technology for elder care

It’s never too late to learn, grow, and connect

SMART products help to make every day enriching for elder care residents and caregivers. Open up a world of opportunity to seniors with interactive technology that builds bridges and engages users.

Tools that enrich and engage.

SMART products offer incredible opportunities for elder care communities to foster connection and learning in a fun, safe environment. With easy-to-use tools and large-format screens, residents can easily interact with peers and even play games to foster connection and community while learning and growing.

SMART products create moments that light up every senior’s day.

A resident hadn't laughed in a long time, and the first day he was using the screen, he couldn't stop laughing.

– Elva Villarrubia
Therapist from El Quijote nursing home

Growing old doesn’t mean growing apart

Creating social connections improves memory and overall well-being. SMART displays are easy to use and navigate and come packed with templates, activities, and web apps that can be used to tap into residents' passions, histories, or interests.

Activities for everyone

From templates for meal choice to word building to math games, SMART solutions include activities that will engage all residents while supporting cognition and encouraging them to share more about themselves.

Web apps that connect

Access to apps such as Google Earth helps connect residents to places and personal histories and encourages them to tell their stories.

Keep every resident involved

Connecting iPads or other devices supports residents with mobility issues and gives them control over their viewing window.

Active aging

Encouraging movement through technology

Get residents up and moving to improve well-being and physical health. Plus, YouTube videos keep residents actively engaged in a range of activities, from art to yoga and everything in between.

No menu necessary.

Pens, erasers, and touch do exactly what you would expect, making it easy for residents to find confidence in expressing themselves.

Lean on us.

Palm reject technology means seniors can use a hand to support themselves on the board without causing interference.

Keep their attention.

Easily embed YouTube videos into the whiteboard, preventing distraction.

Uplevel the interaction.

SMART interactive displays with Tool Explorer support fine motor skill work with even more pen colors to choose from, as well as programmable stamps such as emojis for well-being check-ins.

Easy access to games.

Games encourage residents to come up to the panel and move around.

Do it your way.

SMART displays recognize more than just finger and pen touch, encouraging fun and movement as residents interact with the panel in a way that works for them.

Feature Spotlight

Icon symbolizing Tool Explorer, easy-to-grip physical stamps.

Tool Explorer

Open up a world of communication to every resident with Tool Explorer. Easy-to-grip physical stamps are accessible for everyone - even those with dexterity or language limitations. Give a voice to every resident.

Icon representing Digital Manipulatives, with three blocks, suggesting interactive objects for resident engagement.

Digital Manipulatives

Motivate your residents to get up and moving with interactive objects that they use to drag, drop, rotate, or ink over. Our digital manipulatives encourage games, artistic expression, and social interaction at the board for your residents.

Icon depicting Connected Devices, highlighting the integration of multiple devices.

Connected Devices

Deliver engaging, stimulating content to your residents, no matter how mobile they may be. Anything shared on the interactive display can be simultaneously shared to connected devices like tablets or phones, so your residents can always get in on the fun.

Icon for YouTube, with a play button, conveying the use of video.

YouTube Player

Residents love SMART’s embedded YouTube player because it allows them to scan and search by touch right at the big panel for videos they’re interested in. These videos do not include confusing follow-on content so that viewers stay focused and engaged on the content they’re really interested in.

Products that engage and inspire


Our one-of-a-kind powerhouse display, and the world's first and only interactive display that lets participants use easier-to-grip objects like stamps to engage with digital content.


We've changed the game with the MX series, a display that offers value and capability that other brands just can't touch.

Tool Explorer

Our Tool Explorer platform lets residents manipulate physical objects to interact intuitively with the board, increasing engagement and excitement.

iQ embedded computing

Our embedded computing system makes the user experience intuitive and smooth. Instantly log on and access the apps and programs your residents know and love.


No one does inking like SMART. Our patented inking software lets users walk up and write simply by picking up a pen and touching the board. And since more than one user can write, erase, and move objects at the same time, residents can collaborate and interact with any content, together.

A joyful elderly man in a wheelchair sharing a laugh with a smiling woman in a senior living center.

Keep your residents engaged and inspired.

Give them technology that keeps their bodies and minds engaged and motivated. Bring people together with SMART solutions.

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