Professional team collaborating using a SMART board in a modern office setting. The interactive display shows complex diagrams and video conferencing tools, enhancing the group's productivity.

Powerful solutions for

The modern, hybrid workplace

Elevate digital collaboration, enhance modern conferencing, enable remote working, and improve productivity and training outcomes. SMART Business solutions give you simpler interactive workspaces for better collaboration.

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SMART Board interactive displays

QX Pro series

Performance display for the modern hybrid workplace

Ultra HD camera & integrated microphone array

40 points of touch, differentiated pens and tools

Powered by iQ, built on Android 11

MX Pro series

Versatile display for visual collaboration

Integrated microphone array

20 points of touch

Powered by iQ, built on Android 11

GX Series

The better basic display

Enhanced by the power of Android 11

SMART Podium 624

Make anything interactive

24” pen & touch display

Creative workplace meeting with a SMART board displaying chair design options. Team members are selecting materials and colors, focusing on design details for a customizable office chair.

Walk-up-and-use experience

Seriously simple

A true walk-up-and-use experience simple enough for even a first-time user, SMART solutions are ready to use when you walk into the room. No training needed: just pick up a pen and write.

Connect any device to share screens with interactivity and annotations. iQ embedded computing, built on Android 11, gives easy, one-touch access to an intuitive digital collaborative whiteboard, web browser, screen share, and more.

Simpler to deploy and maintain, SMART interactive displays are the ideal choice for your workspaces.

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Why choose SMART for business?

Works with what you use today

SMART solutions integrate flexibly with the devices, software, peripherals, and platforms you know and use.

Easier to use, for everyone

Designed with collaboration in mind and simple enough for even a first-time user to walk up and use from day one.

Get everyone on the same page

Keep participants engaged, remotely or in-person, with dynamic inking. SMART solutions help teams actively brainstorm and reach decisions faster.

Seamless integration with your technology environment

Connect your existing software, hardware, peripherals, and platforms seamlessly with SMART products and get your teams up and running in no time.
  • SMART Ink: market-leading annotation software
    Annotate effortlessly over browsers, applications, and files. Only SMART Ink® lets you write and navigate at the same time without frustrating overlays. It really is as easy as putting pen to paper.
  • Windows 11 ready
    Access Windows touch features on a large scale. Add the SMART OPS PC to access Microsoft® Office files and all your applications on a full Windows 11 Pro computer right at the display for true walk-up-and-use simplicity.
  • Plug-and-play interoperability with Windows Ink
    Write and save editable annotations directly into the pen-enabled apps you already know and use – including OneNote, Microsoft Office, and more – without installing any additional software or drivers.
Close-up of a SMART board's screen interface, showcasing various business and communication applications like PowerPoint, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, ready for a productive virtual meeting.

Seamless integration, powerful collaboration

Microsoft Teams

Combine the engaging power of SMART interactive displays with the organisational power of Microsoft Teams. Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams empowers your teams to collaborate and contribute visually, effectively, and in real time.

See the power of SMART and Microsoft Teams
Image showcasing our interactive display's compatibility with leading technology partners including Microsoft, Windows 11, Intel, Google, Crestron, Huddly, and Logitech, highlighting the device's integration capabilities in advanced digital workspaces.

Easy compatibility

SMART interactive displays integrate with some of the big names in audio visual technology, such as Microsoft Teams Room-certified Logitech cameras, Crestron, Windows, Intel, and more.

Plus, use SMART Solutions with popular platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Cisco WebEx for bigger, better video conferencing.

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A group of professionals taking part in corporate training using an interactive display

It’s easy to work with people in different parts of the world as if we’re all in my office. We’re bringing up documentation, schematics, board layouts, or mechanical models and manipulating them. I might have three engineers around the table, and we’re interfacing with other engineers and customers remotely.

Bill Schmitz, Founder & President, Northwest Power
Vicor Corp subsidiary

Who’s using SMART?

These are some of the businesses and organisations that trust us to make their teams more productive and efficient.

Get everyone on the same page, faster

Keep participants engaged, remotely or in-person. SMART’s software solutions help prepare teams anywhere for anything and enhance deeper collaboration.

Unbound interactive workspace

SMART Meeting Pro visual collaboration software allows colleagues to create and capture ideas in a virtually unlimited interactive workspace.

Remote administration

With SMART Remote Management you can push updates, run diagnostics, and maintain, control, and secure SMART Board displays and other
devices from any web browser.

Your end-to-end meeting solution

Engage hybrid teams and launch meetings faster with one touch with SMART TeamWorks, an end-to-end meeting solution designed for fast, flexible, and limitless connectivity, collaboration, and engagement.

A diverse group of professionals engaged in a strategic planning session with a SMART board displaying a colorful project timeline. The dynamic setting fosters collaboration and idea sharing.

Solutions for any use case

Industry solutions

SMART Pro series displays are perfectly suited to a range of sectors, from architecture, construction, and engineering to law enforcement and emergency services.

Learn more about SMART solutions for:

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A detailed view of a SMART board's vibrant and colorful interface with various icons for whiteboard, input, screen share, browser, and apps, showcasing the board's versatile capabilities for business and education.

The all-in-one powerhouse display

QX Pro series with iQ

Discover the unmatched all-in-one technology solution designed for the dynamic needs of the modern workplace. The SMART Board QX Pro series puts everything you need to deliver a seamless interactive and collaborative meeting experience in one place.

See the QX Pro in action