SMART Board GX Series interactive display against a stunning sunset beach scene, emphasizing sustainable, affordable, and reliable meeting solutions.

SMART Board GX Series

Meet sustainably,
affordably, and reliably. Always.

The new SMART Board® GX series consistently creates an environment where professionals and their ideas can meet.

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Industry-leading interactivity that’s committed to the future

Available in 65”, 75”, 86”

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Architectural sketch of a modern building being annotated with SMART Ink, showcasing corrections and suggestions in red, including check marks and crosses.

The best inking on the market

Only SMART Boards allow multiple users to write, erase, draw, and interact directly in PDFs and Microsoft Office files.

Write and save your notes exactly where you want them, how you want them. No clunky window-switching. No clunky overlays.

A business professional in a suit highlighting features on an architectural design displayed on a SMART Board.

Touch designed for collaboration

With up to 40 points of interaction, teams can interact and collaborate with ease.

Object awareness™ means pens write, fingers move, and palms erase automatically, so teams can focus on generating ideas with no technology distractions.

A SMART Board GX series used for a virtual meeting, displaying a detailed floor plan with red annotations indicating dimensions and areas of interest, while a video call with participants is shown on the side of the screen.

Meet your way

Host video meetings on your favorite platform using your GX Board, and easily integrate with Microsoft Teams-certified peripherals.

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We’ve designed the best collaboration tools for remote teams to interact with anyone on-site:

SMART Meeting Pro

This is collaboration like you’ve never seen it. Capture and organise ideas in a virtually unlimited interactive workspace, across multiple displays and while meeting.

Remote Management

SMART gives technical admins complete control over their devices. Secure, maintain, and manage both on-premises or over the cloud.

SMART TeamWorks

The modern meeting solution for hybrid collaboration. Schedule, conduct, and manage any type of video meeting. Utilise screen sharing, cloud storage, and effortless file sharing, anywhere, with anyone.

SMART Board GX series interactive display showcasing a high-definition graphic of a stylized global network with connections and nodes across a map of the Earth, symbolizing worldwide connectivity.

Complete professional support

We are committed to supporting our customers in every step of their SMART journey:

  • SMART’s equipment warranty gives you ultimate peace of mind, with options to extend for up to 7 years
  • 24/7 technical support with teams around the globe
  • Advanced replacement and two-way shipping services
  • In-depth support site and professional training for FREE

Promotional graphic for SMART solutions, highlighting customizable options for computing modules and mounting solutions to create productive and empowering collaborative meeting spaces.

Solutions for any collaborative space

From computing modules to mounting solutions, SMART has all the options you need to design productive and empowering meeting spaces.

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SMART solutions for business

Find out how SMART solutions can help your business drive engagement and collaboration.

QX Pro

Best-in-class display for high-performance teams.

SMART Podium 624

Make anything interactive.

See how SMART Board interactive displays can transform your workplace