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Building inclusive education with SMART and The University of Melbourne

Discover how interactive technology provider SMART, in partnership with The University of Melbourne, collaborates to advance inclusive education through research on neurodiversity and Universal Design for Learning.

'SMART Art' brings meaningful discussion around culture to the classroom

Ltyentye Apurte School pioneers a approach to inclusive learning by empowering conversations around Aboriginal culture with accessible technology.

SMART Boards trial enhances well being of seniors in Port Macquarie aged care home

Discover how Technology for seniors by SMART is revolutionizing elder care. The global trial is aimed at enhancing cognitive abilities and wellbeing for seniors.

Students engaged in interactive learning activity.

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SMART Interactive Displays

ONLY SMART’s industry-leading touch and ink technology enables multiple users to intuitively write, erase, touch, and gesture at the same time, over any program or app, without interfering with another’s tools.

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Teachers love Lumio

Our award-winning learning software empowers teachers to transform any lesson into an engaging learning experience. From collaborative workspaces to on-the-fly assessments to game-based learning, Lumio equips teachers with everything they need to deliver dynamic lessons every single day.

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Specs, price, privacy and security, compatibility and usability are just a few of the components that tech buyers have to weigh as they advocate for their technology purchases.

In our Buyer’s Guide for interactive displays, we’ve made it easy to ensure you cover every base as you assess your display options.

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Image of a whitepaper titled 'Hidden costs of lower-quality Interactive displays'.

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Low-quality displays may cost more than you think.

Bargain buys can result in hidden costs that are more than you bargained for. Make sure you know the true cost of a display before you purchase.

Download our whitepaper so you can be sure you’re getting your money's worth.

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Three spread-out pages displaying information about EdTech capabilities, statistics from a global survey, and key best practices in education technology.

Capabilities for success: What’s working in EdTech today

When this global survey was launched in mid-2018, it was difficult to imagine how much would change in education in the following four years. Through a global pandemic that brought virtual and hybrid learning into the spotlight like never before, we have seen shifts in the capabilities that lead to success in schools and organizations.

In 2023, while some of the key high impact capabilities for success have remained the same, others have seen a drastic rise in their relation to positive outcomes and impact for schools during the pandemic. These include community engagement, student participation, and family participation in EdTech planning. In this White paper, we dive into these capabilities and outline some key best practices.

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Aussie Curriculum-Aligned eBook

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Within the eBook you'll find details of an inspirational real-life learning project that was planned in-line with the Australian curriculum.

We've also included lesson resources from our FREE cloud learning platform, Lumio, so you can bring the project to life in your own school.

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