High school students engaging with Lumio interactive lessons on tablets in a collaborative classroom environment.

How Lumio works

Intuitive and easy to use, Lumio effortlessly transforms existing content into dynamic, engaging learning experiences on any device.


Mix, match, and go!

Import and combine

In just a few clicks, import, combine, and edit pages from your PDFs, Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Notebook files into a single lesson. Add only the pages you want and make your lessons flow from start to finish.

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Ready-made resources

Spend less time creating by browsing thousands of FREE customisable, ready-made resources created by teachers for teachers.

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Liven up your lesson and engage students (quickly!)

Weave in game-based activities

In less than 5 minutes, customise a game template to get students excited about lesson content, gauge progress, and assess knowledge in a fun way.

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Reinforce learning with YouTube videos

Connect lessons to the real world by embedding YouTube videos without wasting time switching between tabs.

Create individual or collaborative workspaces

Turn any lesson into an individual handout to get clear insights into learning or a group workspace to increase collaboration. You can even do this on the fly.

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Deliver lessons the way you want to

Connect student devices

From Chromebooks to tablets, students can connect with any device with a browser.

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Toggle between student and teacher pacing

Maintain flexibility by moving from teacher-paced to student-paced learning and back again – at any time.

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Get real-time insights

Keep a pulse on each student’s understanding and progress with a variety of formative assessments and the activity dashboard.

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What are you waiting for?
Get started today!

Take your students on an interactive journey, one activity at a time, all from a single place.

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Sign up in seconds with your Google or Microsoft account.

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Number 2 in a dotted circle highlighting the content transformation stage. 

Transform content

Import existing slides or lesson files, then add interactive activities and multimedia content.

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Number 3 in a dotted circle representing the student engagement phase. 

Engage students

Have your students join your class session and engage – you’ll see their faces light up!

Lumio features for
  • Button icon for 'Students' with a silhouette of a person, indicating a section for student resources. Students
  • Button icon for 'Educators' dedicated to teacher resources or access. Educators

Features designed with the student in mind

Icon representing educational customisable game-based activities.

Customisable game-based activities

From Match 'Em Up to Super Sort to Monster Quiz – combine learning and fun in just a few minutes.

Icon for access to STEAM tools featuring an atom.

Access to STEAM tools

Insert mathematical expressions with an equation editor, add the Desmos graphing calculator, or a PhET simulation to explore and understand science and maths concepts. 

Icon depicting graphic organisers and manipulatives for education.

Graphic organisers and manipulatives

Pick from a variety of ready-made resources to create artifacts of meaningful discussions and opportunities to practise.

Icon for instant brainstorming and discussions with a light bulb and speech bubble.

Instant brainstorming and discussions

Using the Shout It Out! activity, capture every student's ideas and questions in one space.

Icon representing group workspaces with students and gears symbolising collaboration.

Group workspaces

Students contribute in pairs, small groups, or with the whole class in a collaborative workspace, allowing them to build on each other’s learning.

Icon for quizzes and polls in education featuring a checklist and pencil.

Quizzes and polls

Give students flexible ways to show their learning, either by taking a class poll or an individual quiz.

Icon depicting a microphone for recording audio instructions for accessibility and learning.

Record audio instructions

Add your voice to any page, providing verbal explanations and instructions to support accessibility and asynchronous learning.

Icon illustrating an immersive reader feature with a book and bookmark for enhanced reading comprehension.

Immersive reader

Students can have text read aloud, displayed with different colours and spacing options, or be shown a related picture to aid reading comprehension and increase fluency.

Icon for real-time annotation and drawing with a pencil, enabling interactive class participation.

Annotate and draw in real time

Students can annotate and draw on any slide to easily contribute to class discussions, from any device.

Features designed with the teacher in mind

Icon illustrating the mixing and matching of different file types for educational content.

Mix and match different file types

Leverage your existing content. Combine and edit pages from your PDFs, Google Slides, PowerPoints, and Notebook files into a single lesson.

Icon representing ad-free YouTube feature for safe-search video integration in education.


Easily illustrate a concept without wasting any time switching between tabs with safe-search embedded videos.

Icon for teacher and student pacing control in educational settings, featuring a clock and user symbol.

Teacher and student pacing

Without interrupting the flow of your lesson, toggle between teacher- and student-paced delivery, giving you the flexibility to adapt to students’ needs as you teach.

Icon for individual student handouts and activities in educational tools.

Individual handouts

Instantly convert any page to an individual handout activity to monitor student progress and give real-time feedback.

Icon depicting the feature to export lessons as PDFs for educational purposes.

Export as PDF

Easily export lessons to PDF to print for take-home assignments.

Icon for upcoming co-editing feature in educational software, showing two pencils and connection.


Build engaging lessons by collaborating with colleagues and leveraging one another’s classroom experiences.

Icon for Shared Libraries feature showing folders with a network connection for educational collaboration.

Shared Libraries

A dedicated space to curate and share lessons with colleagues, saving you time and energy.

Icon representing an Organisation Library with a stylised building symbol for resource access across educational institutions.

Organisation Library

Easily access aligned resources across your school, district, or organisation.

Icon indicating upcoming LMS integrations, depicted by a cloud with a tick symbol for educational platforms.

LMS integrations

If you use Canvas, Lumio integrates allowing you and your students to use what you know. Schoology integration coming soon.


Together, step by step

Take your students on an interactive journey, one activity at a time, all from a single place.

Live and on-demand webinars

Learn how to enhance your lessons and discover how others are using Lumio in their classrooms.

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A community worth joining

Extend your Lumio knowledge, expand your Professional Learning Network (PLN), and enhance your leadership skills.

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Badging and certifications

Self-paced coursework to build your Lumio skills. Complete courses of your choice; earn badges, certificates, and PD credits.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I add my existing content to a Lumio lesson?
    Lumio lets teachers combine and edit teaching resources, including PDF, Google, and PowerPoint files to create one engaging lesson.
  • How can I use YouTube when creating my Lumio lessons?
    Lumio allows you to liven up your lesson with YouTube clips! Easily illustrate a concept without wasting time switching to different tabs.
  • What game-based activities are included in Lumio?
    There are 12 customisable game-based activities in Lumio. From Match 'Em Up to Super Sort to Monster Quiz, teachers can create game-based activities in under five minutes for both individual practice and team-based assessments, making learning more fun and engaging.
  • How does Lumio make static content interactive?
    Lumio allows teachers to convert static content into collaborative workspaces where students can co-create together on a shared digital canvas from their own devices. (All in one place!)
  • Can I adjust my Lumio lesson while delivering it?
    Yes! At any time during live instruction, add new pages and activities or turn a page into an individual handout or shared workspace. These additions, as well as any student contributions, are saved as part of the lesson.