The M Pro high secure series TAA interactive display, showcasing a stunning sunset scene with a submarine in calm ocean waters.

M Pro high secure series TAA

Level-up mission critical training

The TAA-compliant SMART Board® M Pro high secure series TAA is an interactive display that turns any content on a PC into an engaging experience without ever sacrificing reliability.

Interactive training that prioritizes privacy

You need a high-performance and high-security solution that doesn’t have an embedded OS, mic array, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. SMART has what you need:

Available in 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”

Professionals utilizing SMART Ink to annotate strategic locations on a detailed city map displayed on the M Pro High secure series TAA interactive display.

Mark up mission briefings with ease

Your team needs to share ideas, problem-solve, and make decisions rapidly – without having to worry about whether your ink stays or not. Annotate over multiple tabs in Chrome browser with ink that stays put.

Only SMART interactive displays enable teams to directly annotate and write onto any Microsoft Office file and PDF, without clunky overlays or irksome saving options.

See SMART Ink in action
Windows platform on a SMART interactive display with quick access to tools like Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Trusted in all US Government networks

The M Pro high secure series TAA interactive display fits into your existing technology setup and offers privacy and security options trusted by military, government, and first responders everywhere.

Connect teams using industry leading video platforms such as Microsoft and Zoom. Already have existing equipment? The M Pro series is compatible with devices from Logitech, Crestron, Poly, and more.

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The M Pro high secure series TAA interactive display linked to a laptop for operational training.

Train and operate in interactivity

Connect any PC or laptop to the M Pro high secure series TAA with just one cable and get going.

Any training content, operational plans, or maps are instantly ready to be interacted with so that your team can get onboard fast.

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Laptop displaying a modern checklist application with touch interaction.

Your government contract procurement solution

SMART products are available for purchase through major government contracts such as the GSA, CHESS, ITES-3S COTS, 2GIT, FIRST Source, NIH, and NASA SEWP V.

Additionally, SMART collaborates with 'set-aside' AV integrators to support federal contracting officers in meeting small business and diversity contracting requirements.

GSA information
High-resolution image of a coastal sunset displayed on the TAA-compliant SMART Board M Pro series, emphasizing clarity and vibrant colors.

Interested in something more?

Our M Pro TAA series is also available with an optional embedded software experience, and additional hardware features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Optional mission control solutions built for your team’s success:

SMART Meeting Pro

Included with every M Pro TAA display purchase, SMART Meeting Pro visual collaboration software allows users to create and capture ideas in a virtually unlimited whiteboard canvas – whether they’re online or offline.

SMART TAA compliant mobile stand FSE-420

SMART mobile stands provide flexible installation of any size interactive display for any environment.

A SMART GX Zero series display showcasing a collage of images that depict diverse people engaging with SMART in different environments, centered around the bold SMART logo.

Supporting federal agencies at every turn

We are committed to supporting your team in every step of their SMART journey:

  • SMART’s equipment warranty gives you ultimate peace of mind, with options to extend for up to 7 years
  • 24/7 technical support with teams around the globe
  • Advanced replacement and two-way shipping services

Explore how SMART solutions can enhance your training and operations: