A front-facing SMART Board MX series display showing a vivid lavender field with the large white letters "MX" and a purple sunset in the background.

SMART Board MX series

Engagement elevated

Maximise student engagement, save teachers’ time, and simplify IT management with the durable SMART Board® MX series interactive display.

Available in 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”

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Experience true multi-user interactivity

In a brightly lit classroom, a teacher and two students interact with a SMART Board, with the students using digital manipulatives on the screen to solve a math problem involving coins.

Make room for more

More ideas. More collaboration. More people. More brilliance. The SMART MX series offers true multi-user interactivity with a touch experience that our competitors don't even come close to.

ONLY SMART gives everyone a chance to contribute effortlessly. Multiple users can write, erase, and touch simultaneously without interfering with each other's work.

Effortless inking

Extend learning anywhere.

SMART Ink® brings your favourite learning tools and annotations to your files, web browsers, and applications – for both Windows and Mac.

Write and explore freely.

Only SMART ink keeps your annotations where you put them as you move between programs, so you never lose what you wrote.

Hold student attention.

Highlight key concepts with disappearing ink, spotlight, screen shade, and more.

A SMART Board MX series display showcases an enlarged user interface with a clock and a variety of educational applications against a stunning lavender field background, demonstrating the board's interactive capabilities for education.

Google EDLA – and more

Enjoy seamless cloud storage integration and powerful interoperability for Google for Education, Microsoft Office 365 apps, and all the other apps your teachers need with integrated access to Google Play Services.

Just pick up a pen and write. SMART displays with iQ 4 work automatically with Microsoft Ink in your Office 365 apps, and let you write and navigate over the Chrome and web apps simultaneously – without freezing the screen.

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A SMART Board MX display screen showing a sign-in prompt for a SMART Account with a QR code for easy access, while a smartphone mirrors the QR code, symbolizing convenient connectivity options for users.

Secure multi-user profiles

Save teachers time, securely. Teachers can fully personalise with everything they use daily: apps, widgets, files, bookmarks and more.

Unlike many other solutions, this prevents others from gaining access to cloud storage and sensitive information from your signed-in services.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Google or Microsoft self-serve profile setup
  • QR code & web link sign-in
  • NFC sign-in
  • Secure data protection

iQ works with you to maximise planning and class time

With built-in activities and teaching tools, teachers can count on the MX to help them plan and deliver engaging lessons.

Automatic updates mean IT teams don't waste precious time with small fixes or enhancements. It's an interactive display designed to make your life easier, not more complicated.

Walk-up-and-teach engagement tools

An excellent lifespan for an excellent display

Three students are engaging with a SMART Board MX series display in a library; one boy presents a recycling lesson, while a girl and another boy watch and react with excitement.

Designed for longevity

This is a display that ages gracefully. With one of the longest lifespans on the market and quality that stands up over time, the MX series is an investment you'll be satisfied with for years to come.

Here’s what you get when you invest in the MX:

  • Quarterly OTA Android updates, including new versions of Android as applicable
  • Regular OTA feature and security updates to keep your display at peak performance
  • Appliance-based upgrade paths

Our accelerated life testing programme, combined with our upgrade options, ensures that your device lasts longer and continually evolves to meet the demands of the modern classroom.

Connect with SMART

SMART keeps it simple for you and your teachers

A teacher in a yellow sweater is interacting with a SMART Board MX series display, circling a diagram of wind turbines on a lesson about renewable energy, with a web browser open in the background displaying related images and videos.

Easy to adopt

We put in the effort so you don’t have to.

When you buy SMART, you buy peace of mind, easy setup, and easy implementation.

  • Technology designed for out-of-the-box use – no setup or training required.
  • Self-serve iQ user profiles and NFC setup through familiar Google and Microsoft workflows.
  • Professional learning – Extend capability with complimentary professional learning plans, online courses, and webinars that cover both functional and pedagogical topics.

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An image collage on a SMART Board MX series display featuring various scenes of people using SMART technology in different environments, including a classroom, outdoor learning, a business meeting, an industrial setting, and a group photo of team members.

The peace of mind you need

Partner with a best-in-class company

We’re committed to providing you technology that is as effortless as it is ethical. Learn more about:

Product design for longevity and sustainability
Privacy and security commitments
SMART’s tools for administrators
Software included with your interactive display
Industry-leading warranty coverage and product support

SMART RX series

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SMART GX series

Interactivity made affordable.

SMART accessories

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