Bridging Britain's Digital Talent Gap: Nurturing Digital Skills Starts with Coding In The Classroom

Last month saw National Coding Week take place, an awareness week dedicated to bridging the UK’s digital skills gap by encouraging schools, libraries, businesses and individuals to support young people in developing digital skills and forging a career in tech.

The awareness initiative began in 2014, and eight years later, its mission remains just as relevant as it did at its inception. Coding and computer programming are skills that are currently highly desired in the job’s market. This is certainly not going to change any time soon; coders and software developers are only going to be even more in-demand over the next two decades.

However, research shows that at present, there simply aren’t enough candidates in the UK with relevant skills available to fill these roles. In fact, a recent report from Tech Nation found that there were more than two million job vacancies in the tech sector last year – more than any other labor industry.