The SMART Board MX Pro V5 display, showing a serene beach sunset scene.

MX Pro series

Make team collaboration simple

Host productive meetings and write in any document with the best digital ink on the market using the SMART Board® MX Pro series. This interactive display seamlessly integrates into any tech setup in any workspace.

It’s time to make meetings more effective

Make spot-on decisions and problem-solving seamless in any business, workspace, or conference room with the latest interactive technology.

Available in 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”

Interactive SMART Board screen displaying a machinery component sketch being annotated with SMART Ink technology.

The best digital ink on the market

Only SMART interactive displays allow multiple users to write, erase, draw, and interact simultaneously without interfering with one another.

Plus, with SMART Ink, you can directly write into PDFs and Microsoft Office files and save them with your notes intact. No window-switching. No clunky overlays. Just the writing experience you expect.

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A close-up of a SMART Board's screen revealing a suite of communication tools, including Google Meet and Webex, complemented by an overhead conferencing camera for interactive remote discussions.

Meet your way

Host video meetings on your favorite platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and more) directly from the interactive display, and easily integrate with Microsoft Teams certified equipment.

Find out more about our Microsoft Teams integration here.

 team collaborates in a modern office space, with one member pointing at a SMART Interactive display showing product design specifications.

Brainstorm without barriers

Whether you're annotating a diagram, comparing data charts, or simply bouncing ideas, the MX Pro series comes with in-built whiteboarding and content-sharing capabilities to finally make team collaboration simple.

Or if you’d rather work with the tools you already know, then just access the Google Play Store and securely download your favorite apps. It’s that simple.

4 things a SMART interactive display does that a non-touch display can’t do:

Bring everyone together

Instead of forcing one person to write everyone’s notes, get the whole team up and working together on the same canvas – whether remote or in-person.

Bring energy to presentations

Stop ‘going through the motions’ with the same old slide deck. Truly captivate your stakeholders’ attention and make your points clear with live writing and interactive activities.

Bring interactivity to training

People learn by doing. Immerse your team in simulations, training programs, and orientations to make their learning memorable.

Bring data to life

Turn heavy data into light reading by making any chart, graph, or matrix not just readable, but easy to interact with.

Ready to start having engaging meetings?

We’ve designed the best software in the business to make your meetings more productive:

SMART Meeting Pro

This is collaboration like you’ve never seen it. Capture and organize ideas in a virtually unlimited interactive workspace, across multiple displays and meetings.

SMART Remote Management

SMART gives technical admins complete control over their devices. Secure, maintain, and manage both on-premise or over the cloud.

Included with any MX Pro series purchase

SMART TeamWorks

The modern meeting solution for hybrid collaboration. Schedule, conduct, and manage any type of video meeting. Utilize screen sharing, cloud storage, and effortless file sharing, anywhere, with anyone.

A SMART GX Zero series display showcasing a collage of images that depict diverse people engaging with SMART in different environments, centered around the bold SMART logo.

Complete professional support

We are committed to supporting our customers in every step of their SMART journey:

  • SMART’s equipment warranty gives you ultimate peace of mind, with options to extend for up to 7 years
  • 24/7 technical support with teams around the globe
  • Advanced replacement and two-way shipping services
  • In-depth Support Site and professional training for FREE

Build the right solution for your organization

SMART solutions for business

Find out how SMART solutions can help your business drive engagement and collaboration.

QX Pro series

Best-in-class display for high-performance teams.

Mobile stands

Collaboration where you need it, when you need it.

See how SMART interactive displays can transform your workplace