Business meeting with SMART interactive display certified for Crestron XiO Cloud, showcasing collaboration and efficiency.

Crestron and SMART interactive displays

Interactivity meets ultimate efficiency

SMART Boards are the FIRST interactive displays certified for Crestron Connected 2nd generation and the Crestron XiO Cloud Service®. Unleash the power of SMART displays in your Crestron Connected environment for the best of both worlds.

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Harness the power of seamless integration – immediately

Experience the collaborative benefits of an interactive display, eliminate the need for any additional software, and save time and money.

Keep it simple, but keep it interactive

Why Crestron with SMART interactive displays?

Crestron control interface on a SMART display in a modern meeting room setup, exemplifying centralized control.

The power of simplified, impressive control in one central place

It’s so easy to use SMART displays with iQ in your Crestron Connected environments. We’ve thoroughly tested our products to ensure they offer comprehensive device management capabilities from anywhere.

Management options you get with SMART and Crestron:

  • Remote device configuration and deployment for all devices
  • Real-time device and conference room health monitoring
  • Remote support for all devices and rooms
  • Update management, data, and analytics

Team engaging in a digital meeting using a SMART interactive display with Crestron connectivity in a conference room.

A powerful combination that makes meetings simple

A SMART and Crestron meeting room takes intuitive collaboration and interactivity to the next level without sacrificing operational efficiency.

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SMART & Crestron meeting room availability display showing next meeting schedule.

It’s easy to make things run smoothly with SMART & Crestron

Ensure your conference rooms are always ready to go (including your interactive displays) to optimise meeting times. Admins can even automate event-based alerts so issues can be resolved before anyone even knows there's a problem.

Admins can monitor important parameters such as power status, network connectivity, and display input sources. Promptly address issues, such as display repairs and network connectivity problems.

With SMART and Crestron, your conference rooms always work and the user experience is always consistent.

See the MX Pro series
Confident IT professional with laptop in a server room, symbolizing SMART & Crestron's seamless device management.

Planning a wide-scale deployment? No problem

The SMART and Crestron integration ensures IT administrators can easily and remotely control and manage multiple devices across wide-scale deployments. Standardise configurations for your organisation’s displays across all rooms, define default settings for all displays, and even create configuration templates to instantly deploy.

Benefits for your team include:

  • Automated alerts for all rooms
  • Remote troubleshooting of all devices
  • Single view of entire connected system

Diverse team collaborating using a SMART Board interactive display in a Crestron connected environment.

The best interactive display for your next Crestron Connected deployment

We’ve made it easy to bring users together in real time for enhanced collaboration.

As native endpoints within the Crestron Connection system, SMART Boards with iQ are the only turnkey solutions for organisations planning to create interactive Crestron environments.

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