The SMART Board QX Pro and SMART Board RX Series Interactive Displays Win Best of Show at InfoComm 2024 for AV Technology

SMART representative, Jessica Secan, holding up the ‘Winner” sign in front of the SMART Board QX Pro at InfoComm.

We are very pleased to announce the SMART Board QX Pro and SMART Board RX Series interactive displays have won this year's Best of Show awards at InfoComm 2024.

CEO of SMART Technologies, Nicholas Svensson, said "We are honored to be an InfoComm 2024 Best of Show award winner. Our teams put a lot of work and energy into creating best-in-class products, so being recognized in this way is fantastic. We aim to set a new standard for collaboration and engagement in boardrooms and classrooms everywhere."

The Best of Show award recognizes only the very best of AV products, with hundreds of solutions considered. All entries were reviewed by a panel of industry experts, speakers and editors at the LVCC. Judges evaluated each entry on how diverse and comprehensive the product's features are; how easy it is to use, and how it integrates with other solutions and tools; and how innovative and unique it is within the market.

The SMART Board QX Pro was recognized for its:

  • Built-in software, designed for business settings, including tools professionals need to deliver a seamless interactive and collaborative meeting experience.
  • A powerfully simple user experience, the QX Pro includes exclusive-to-SMART technology that allows multiple users to freely write, erase and gesture at the same time across platforms and applications.

The SMART Board RX Series was recognized for its:

  • Built-for-education software, specifically designed to meet the challenges of classrooms with high interactivity needs classrooms, including early learning and students with accessibility needs.
  • Market-leading ease of use, it is the only interactive display that offers user-programmable tools like cubes and stamps that can be used on the screen to help teachers support inclusive classrooms.
  • Walk-up-and-use tools that teachers and students can easily engage with. Write, touch, and erase at the same time for a collaborative and engaging experience.
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