Predictions About EdTech’s Impact in 2023

As we close the door on 2022, we approach 2023 with clear-cut priorities for EdTech and education as a whole. Education and student well-being are stretched thin, and lingering learning gaps, exacerbated by the pandemic, present hurdles for all students–especially underrepresented students’ groups who were already at a disadvantage.

So what’s next for education? eSchool News asked EdTech executives, stakeholders, and experts to share some of their thoughts and predictions about where they think EdTech is headed in 2023.

Jeff Lowe, Chief Commercial Officer at SMART Technologies, shines a light on what he’s observing in the EdTech space and what to expect next:

"We are seeing the focus on and importance of evidence in EdTech more strongly than ever. Technology investments must have documented plans for impacting teaching and learning outcomes, and companies that cannot provide evidence and support with documenting impact will get left behind. Further to that, tech that can do many things – from assessment to collaboration to scaffolded lessons and everything in between – will be the top choice for educators as they look to simplify workflows. This tech must support all students so that everyone can learn not only WITH technology, but about it, too. EdTech provides unique opportunities to personalize and democratize learning and the importance of this will only grow in 2023."
Read the full story on eSchool News to hear what EdTech leaders are predicting for 2023: