'SMART Art' brings meaningful discussion around culture to the classroom

Three students interacting with a SMART interactive display to communicate their story, in ways that Aboriginal people do.

In the heart of Central Australia, Ltyentye Apurte School is pioneering a groundbreaking approach to inclusive learning by seamlessly integrating education technology with the rich tapestry of Aboriginal history and culture. This transformative initiative, made possible through a dynamic partnership with the global EdTech leader, SMART Technologies, is making waves in the realm of education.

Recently, SMART Technologies gained national recognition when they were featured on Nine News, Australia's leading news service, for their remarkable collaboration with indigenous artist Pat Caruso. Together, they are reshaping the way teachers and students discuss Aboriginal culture and history in the classroom.

SMART Technologies Chief Commercial Officer, Jeff Lowe, emphasized the importance of representation in the classroom, stating, “We're providing the symbols and artwork to any school that would like to incorporate them into their teaching and learning.” This commitment to representation serves as the foundation for the inclusive learning journey this partnership offers.

What's truly remarkable about this project is how effortlessly the students have embraced this technology and incorporated it into their learning process. Despite being unfamiliar with such technology, the students at this Central Australian school effortlessly picked up digital pens and stamps. Almost intuitively, they began creating and collaborating immediately.
Jeff Lowe was amazed to see students use the technology, saying, "They are just so quick to come up and start moving it around, manipulating it, and having fun with it, without any training or precursor."

The SMART Board Interactive Displays provide students with an immersive platform to create, collaborate, and express their narratives in an interactive and engaging manner. This technology empowers students to become active participants in their learning journey, with no need for specialized training.

Emphasizing the need for accessible EdTech tools, the SMART Tool Explorer's programmable stamps play a pivotal role. Students of all abilities, including those who are non-verbal, have wholeheartedly embraced these stamps as tools of expression. With the freedom to communicate with their teachers and peers, these stamps ensure that every voice is heard, fostering inclusivity and empowerment in the classroom.

The SMART Art project demonstrates how inclusive learning, Aboriginal culture, and cutting-edge EdTech can seamlessly merge to create a vibrant and transformative educational experience.