The Learning Counsel’s App of the Week: Lumio

The digital learning tool used by millions of teachers and students worldwide to create interactive lessons

Lumio is a digital learning tool transforming lessons into active, collaborative learning experiences that engage students wherever they are, both in and out of the classroom. The free tool allows teachers to bring in different types of digital content (like PDFs and Google Slides) to create interactive lessons that include games and activities for students to work on collaboratively or independently. Lumio static lesson transforms content into engaging, interactive lessons that are easy for teachers to share with students.

With interactive lessons, game-based activities, and collaboration tools, Lumio is uniquely designed to engage students in class, at home, or a blend of both. With integrations like Desmos, PHeT and Flat for Music, Lumio provides options to support all subjects and age groups. Not only is the tool meant to simplify learning for students, but it also simplifies teaching for educators. It helps make teacher’s days easier with a huge variety of educator-created and curated resources and lessons, from graphic organizer templates to full lessons with content partners. No other similar tool allows this amount of flexibility for teachers and students.

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