Lumio and Canva for Education Announce All-New Integration to Bring Immersive Digital Learning to Life

We at Lumio are pleased to announce our integration with Canva for Education. This game-changing integration allows teachers to seamlessly add Canva designs to Lumio, merging the power of Canva's visual communication platform with Lumio's ability to add interactivity for engaging, dynamic lessons.

The integration offers teachers free access to export and upload Canva lessons, presentations, and other materials into Lumio to create interactive lessons with game-based activities, formative assessments, and more. Educators will also be able to access libraries from both Canva and Lumio to explore thousands of high-quality, ready-made templates and infographics.

"The Lumio team is excited to roll out our integration with Canva for Education," said Dan McMahon, Lumio Vice President of Software. "This collaboration reinforces our commitment to inspiring creativity, saving teachers' time, and creating an active learning environment that is accessible and collaborative for all."

Along with this new integration with Canva, Lumio has also received new features aimed at making teaching easier and learning more engaging and accessible for students. The latest updates include:

  • Ability to edit PowerPoint slides after they have been imported into Lumio with editing support for Google Slides and PDFs to follow. This feature is now live as a public beta and you can try it for yourself.
  • Access to OpenDyslexic, a typeface designed to support learners with a variety of dyslexia symptoms. Try it in Lumio TODAY by editing your text's font style. 
  • New themes available for several Lumio game-based activities, including clean, simple versions that appeal to older learners.

Also, Lumio is showcasing a new Logic Model that highlights research demonstrating Lumio's effectiveness to enable leading teaching practices to drive student outcomes. Learn how the features in Lumio support desired student outcomes here.

The Canva for Education and Lumio integration will be available for teachers to work with over the summer and for back-to-school, and other new features in Lumio are available for use today.

Read more about this powerful integration with Lumio + Canva here: