New Partner Program Increases Growth Opportunities for Technology Resellers

SMART Technologies Expands its North American Partner Channel, Providing More Access for Classrooms and Businesses.

SMART Technologies is expanding their North American Partner Channel along with releasing a new SMART Partner Program. With the rising demand for interactive displays and record-high funding, SMART is making strategic changes to their reseller channel to ensure end customers have more ease of access to bring SMART solutions into new classrooms and businesses.

For over 30 years, SMART has operated with an exclusive channel of limited partners who were only authorized in specific North American regions. SMART is now evolving on how they do business by opening their channel like they never have before. Starting November 17, 2021, SMART will be opening national access to resellers as well as allowing new resellers to become authorized to ensure that the latest innovations in interactive technology are available across all fifty states and Canada.