Murcia, Spain, a world pioneer in a digital platform for the elderly thanks to a new technology trial

Representatives from SMART Technologies, LifeLoop and the government of Murcia cheering for the technology and trial launch.

Murcia, Spain, is set to become a global leader in elderly care technology with the launch of a groundbreaking digital platform designed to enhance the physical, cognitive, and social skills of older adults. The digital platform, part of the regional government's Emotional Technology program, will be initially implemented in three elder care centers across Murcia.

Key aspects of the project include the installation of SMART Boards and comprehensive training for staff and residents at each participating center. The success of this collaboration has led to Murcia being chosen, along with Denver and Melbourne, to develop new digital content specifically for seniors. The launch also featured an intergenerational component, with students from the DGMakers project at the Alcántara Secondary Education Institute working alongside senior center professionals to tailor digital content to the seniors’ needs.

To learn more about this innovative project between the Government of Murcia, LifeLoop and SMART Technologies, and its impact on the community, read the full article on Murcia Economia: