SMART Technologies unveils the OS-free SMART Board GX Zero

An image of the SMART Board GX Zero series, connective via cable to a laptop.

SMART Technologies is excited to announce the launch of the company’s latest interactive display for education and business: the SMART Board® GX Zero. This minimalist, operating system (OS) free solution is designed for customers seeking to transform their content and presentations with interactivity in a simple, easy-to-access way.

The OS-free GX Zero offers ease of setup and user convenience while prioritizing sustainability and affordability. For users who want the benefits of an interactive display and aren't planning to use embedded software, SMART Board® GX Zero allows them to simply plug their laptop in with the included USB-C cable and turn any content into an interactive experience. Only SMART interactive displays like the GX Zero empower users to pick up a pen, write, and save annotations in original file formats like PDFs and Microsoft Office files. It provides a high-quality solution that empowers everyone to share ideas, team up, and expand their skills.

Unlike other brands, SMART interactive displays allow multiple users and different types of tools to be used simultaneously, allowing for truly engaging collaboration. With 52% lower energy consumption compared to other similar products in its category. The SMART Board GX Zero ensures that this unparalleled interactivity is affordable both upfront and long-term.

“The SMART Board GX Zero series allows our customers a simple solution to seamlessly make any content interactive, with nothing more to set up than plugging in a USB cable,” said Fraser Smith, VP of Product at SMART Technologies. “This OS-free solution empowers education and business leaders to create more engaging, connected spaces that drive meaningful engagement and productivity.”

Backed by SMART Technologies’ robust quality standards, the SMART Board GX Zero series offers an array of differentiated features, including:

  • One-of-a-kind SMART Ink® software allowing users to write directly into programs and files without screen freezing or clunky overlays.   
  • Simultaneous multi-user interaction so multiple people can write, move, and erase at the same time. 
  • More connectivity with 40 touch points on Windows, 20 on Mac, and 10 on ChromeOS, plus multiple USB-C ports.

This minimalist display provides a building block for those who want to customize their interactive display configuration. The SMART Board® GX Zero series allows buyers to build on its basic functionality by adding a SMART OPS PC or AMG1 Android appliance, providing the power of Windows or Android-based computing to the display. This ensures that the GX Zero is adaptable to evolving needs and will stand the test of time, no matter the environment.

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