The rise of tech in senior care facilities

A resident at a senior home in Colorado, along with his aid, interacting with a brainstorming activity on the SMART Board.

SMART Technologies and LifeLoop recently co-hosted an event in Denver, Colorado, tailored for Hilltop Reserve Senior Living Facility members. It was a perfect opportunity for seniors to experience firsthand SMART Technologies’ interactive displays. These displays provide a unique way for elders to enhance their digital literacy and overall well-being and have shown to benefit those living with dementia and other age-related illnesses.

This event aligns with the launch of a pilot program targeting seniors across Colorado, reaffirming SMART Technologies’ commitment as a leading tech company dedicated to crafting solutions that facilitate meaningful connections for users encompassing students, teachers, elders, and business professionals.

In this interview, Director of Marketing Sarah Richards at SMART Technologies spoke with Innovation & Tech Today about the company’s innovations, the goals from the recent event hosted in Colorado, the upcoming pilot program for seniors in the area, and more.

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