Wishes and Worries for 2023: What EdTech Leaders Are Thinking About

During the final weeks of 2022, THE Journal asked scores of EdTech leaders about their wishes and worries for 2023. Cybersecurity and teacher resources were the most common topics addressed in the responses — many of which include specific ideas for new policies and practices for K–12 education in the United States.

Jeff Lowe, Chief Commercial Officer for SMART Technologies, had an interesting view on how tech will shape education in 2023:

“My hope for 2023 is that EdTech can narrow access barriers that students face. When students have access to the tools and tech that work for them, they can learn not only with technology, but about it, too. EdTech provides unique opportunities to personalize and democratize learning, and by building tech fluency in all students, we ensure that they are each prepared to be successful in classrooms today, and in the world of tomorrow.”
— Jeff Lowe, Chief Commercial Officer, SMART Technologies

Lowe also stressed the idea that EdTech can be used to support teachers:

“I hope that we do not continue to see teachers experience burnout and the desire to leave the profession at the rates that we are now. I hope that schools and systems can implement the tools and support that teachers need to maintain their own wellness and balance so that they can find joy in the classroom again.”
— Jeff Lowe, Chief Commercial Officer, SMART Technologies
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