You’d think you wouldn’t need to trade off something as important as your data security to use the interactive and collaboration features of your technology. Unfortunately, that is the case with many of the options out there. Many technology providers only offer privacy or security when interactive and collaborative features are disabled.

With SMART, you don’t have to sacrifice interactive capabilities for security. 

Privacy and security are at the core of our product design. Whether in room, on mobile devices or at distance, SMART solutions enable interactive and collaborative workflows with built-in features to ensure user information is safe and protected.

Trusted data storage & processing 

Customer data is hosted using best-in-class Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud data centers with ISO 27001 and SOC 2/3 certifications.


GDPR compliance

European customers can confidently use SMART products in compliance with GDPR and can choose to have product user data stored and processed in the EU. 

Data protection first 

Privacy is our default policy which means customer data safety is a top priority so we can provide safe, secure and worry-free data protection.

Secure personalization with single sign-on

Simply sign in to your SMART Board® with iQ, Lumio™ by SMART, SMART Notebook or the SMART Admin Portal without the need for administrator setup to securely access personal settings and cloud storage files using existing Google and Microsoft® accounts. 

So authorization is handled by your trusted identity provider, maintaining the same level of controls that secure your other organizational information. 

Teachers can sign out of their profile with two clicks, resetting the display for the next user. So files and settings stay secure behind their login and only authorized users can access, share or change them. 

Default privacy settings ON right out of the box

There are no additional privacy settings needed in SMART products because we don’t want you to share anything except the bare minimum required. Being proactive, our product design captures as little personally identifiable information as possible. 

Built-in interactive display protection 

SMART Boards with iQ are designed with the security you need already built in. Automatic over the air updates ensure security settings are always up to date. Support certificates for authenticating and accessing networks and remotely remove and manage content.

Student safety with multiple login options

Students are not required to provide any identifiable information. They can log in using their existing Google or Microsoft credentials, or chose to connect anonymously with guest access.

Web search safely filtered

Safe search is the default setting in our online search functionality so you can be comfortable knowing no ads will be displayed and all results are filtered to only show appropriate content.

Teachers’ lesson content data is only visible to whom the teacher personally gives access to, and shared lessons never include student data.  

A SMART fit with your IT environment

SMART products are likely part of your larger technology ecosystem, so we use best in class identity systems like Google and Microsoft that easily carry over to your existing security practices, such as required two-factor authentication for password recovery. 

Compliance with local and federal legislation

We observe all local and federal legislation, including but not limited to, FERPA, COPPA, SOPPA and GDPR. A full list of the laws SMART complies with is publicly available.

Trusted by military, government, and first responders 

SMART interactive displays are used on all classification of networks within the US government. Displays and software are GSA approved, certified for use within secure environments and comply with Section 889 of the John McCain Telecommunications Act, required by US Department of Defense and Intelligence departments. 

Consistent and comprehensive security audits

To ensure high security and privacy standards are upheld, SMART performs internal security audits every quarter and a security audit is run by a third party annually. These audits include a penetration testing assessment of Lumio and the annual reports are publicly available.

Minimum exposure, maximum protection

We operate by principle of least privilege. This means we value a framework of governance to ensure that only those employees who need access to customer data are granted access and only for the amount of time that they need it. In addition, any SMART employees who could be given access to customer data must undergo careful background checks performed by a third party.