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SMART TeamWorks Meeting Software

Master your meeting game

SMART TeamWorks is the end-to-end meeting solution that organizes and enhances meeting experiences for your team. Schedule, access, and manage any type of meeting with one touch.

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More than a meeting.

SMART TeamWorks sets a powerful foundation for dynamic team engagement.

One screen to rule it all

With SMART TeamWorks, you can access and launch any meeting from your central home screen with a single touch. Native integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex helps you host and join your meetings with ease.

The smartest workspace for your team

Our collaborative workspace lets your team interact and engage in real time through writing, drawing, highlighting, and more. Access your cloud-based storage to add and interact with content from anywhere online, from One Drive to Google Drive.

Uplevel your collaboration

SMART TeamWorks comes with built-in tools like video conferencing, screen and file sharing, cloud storage access, and workspace collaboration with any device, anywhere. Include and empower your team, regardless of location.

Discover what’s new with SMART TeamWorks

Engage teams faster and with more dynamic engagement. Check out our new tools and features.

Collaborate dynamically with SMART TeamWorks’ workspace

Access and engage instantly on our shareable collaborative workspace. Here are a few reasons why you need this for your team:

  • Save and resume.
    Your work is never lost with SMART TeamWorks. Launch a workspace on the go and save your work to access later with a SMART TeamWorks Contributor app.

  • Everyone can engage, all the time.
    Remote participants can interact and engage with the workspace in real-time just as easily as in-room participants. Plus, you can zoom in and out of workspaces, making it easier to interact. Real-time collaboration lets all participants highlight, annotate, draw, or write on the displayed content.
  • Access cloud storage seamlessly.
    Need specific content while you ideate? No problem. Instantly access Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or any website to add and interact with content like PDFs, Microsoft Office files, websites, and videos.

  • Single QR access.
    By scanning a single QR code, participants can join and access your workspace sessions.

From the control room: personalize access and features easily

Simple setup wizard

Get your SMART TeamWorks Room setup and running in 5 minutes with key web conferencing and Chrome components automatically installed and configured during setup.

Get ultimate control with the SMART TeamWorks admin portal

Save time and effort by managing your SMART TeamWorks settings and licenses from one central location. Push out updates, access analytics, and monitor room resources from the comfort of your portal.

SMART TeamWorks Room & FREE SMART TeamWorks Apps Include:

  • Application Launcher: Use your meeting room computer for more than just web conferencing and quickly access company-supported apps you need during meetings.
  • Wireless Screen Sharing: Share your screen using Apple AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast. Or share your screen through a web browser without needing to install any additional apps.
  • QR Code Quick-Join for Apps: Join meetings or workspaces instantly and effortlessly using your device camera, removing the need to manually sign into meeting room computers.
  • Highly Collaborative Workspace: Make meetings more interactive through annotating, highlighting, drawing or writing on virtually any displayed content, website or document.
  • SMART TeamWorks Admin Portal Management: Monitor your meeting room’s state and peripheral usage to ensure your teams are effective and have the tools they need to be productive.

SMART TeamWorks Room
SMART TeamWorks Contributor apps
SMART TeamWorks web app
Host a Collaborative Workspace: Share out your interactive workspace enabling all meeting participants to collaborate, capture ideas in real time and brainstorm more effectively. *
Join a Collaborative Workspace: All meeting participants can come together to contribute in real-time from anywhere.
Access Cloud Files: Easily access cloud files directly and securely. Share and markup files from your OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox cloud accounts for increased efficiency.
Personal Calendar Access: Access personal meetings and transfer your web conference calls directly to the room and use its peripherals instead of your device.
Save/Resume Live Workspaces: Store and access up to 100 MB live workspaces within the SMART TeamWorks App workspace and pick up where you left off.
Meeting Recap: Review, share or keep key takeaways and action items from previous meetings to ensure you stay on track.

*SMART Contributor Apps require optional SMART TeamWorks Server or SMART TeamWorks App Workspace Host account.

Other TeamWorks options

  • SMART TeamWorks Server – Provide an on-premises option to host all your workspaces.
  • SMART TeamWorks Software Maintenance – Ensure SMART TeamWorks Room software remains current and enable room monitoring and analytics with optional software maintenance.
  • SMART TeamWorks App Workspace Host – For Apps, an option to host collaborative workspace sessions without SMART TeamWorks Room and increase your workspace storage up 2 GB.

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