A vibrant classroom setting with ample lighting shows a student actively interacting with a SMART board, which is showing a text document. The teacher, with a cheerful expression, stands close by, while other students, seated at their desks.

SMART Solutions for Higher Education

A more connected modern classroom

The learning landscape is more dynamic - and digital - than ever. SMART solutions offer powerful options for connecting with students in any classroom environment, whether in-person, remote, or hybrid.

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SMART solutions offer dynamic options for learning technology that allow educators and students to engage and collaborate in deeply meaningful ways.

But, dynamic doesn’t mean your technology has to be complicated. SMART solutions are intuitive and easy to use, while still offering teachers and students powerful tools for teaching and learning.

Whether it’s in the public arena of the lecture hall or the intimacy of a small study group, SMART interactive displays and collaboration software have the power to elevate the learning environment of your institution. 

Thousands of learning institutions around the world trust SMART to connect, inspire, and engage learners in a modern learning environment. 

Meaningful collaboration

SMART interactive displays are compatible with all major video-conferencing apps, and allow for simultaneous inking, moving, and erasing for multiple users.
Whether in-person or remote, students can easily and powerfully collaborate.
The image shows a SMART Board GX series display in a modern architectural setting. The board features multiple screen panels, each showing different stages of architectural and interior design, from blueprint drafts and structural layouts to a furnished interior space.

Truly flexible technology

Let SMART interactive displays become the hub for all of your classroom technology. SMART displays seamlessly integrate with your existing devices and peripherals. Our included USB-C ports allow users to connect any device for video, audio and touch with only one cable.

A presenter using a SMART Podium interactive display in a lecture hall, with the screen showing a detailed map annotation, illustrating the use of digital ink for dynamic and interactive presentations.

Unmatched accessibility and convenience

Solutions like SMART Podium and SMART Ink® allow students and teachers to instantly access and interact with all lesson content with ease. Users can ink on a wide variety of file types, and instructors can annotate without freezing the screen for a more dynamic lesson environment.

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Queen's University Centre for Advanced Computing uses the SMART Board Interactive Displays to connect instructors, students, and administrators from all over the world. The built-in capabilities of the SMART Board allow their users to plug and play, or open applications right on the built-in Android OS. The Queen's team has designed an innovative meeting space that supports authentic connections, collaboration, and content delivery through one simple platform.

Queen's University

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Performance display for the modern hybrid workplace

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Easy to deploy, use and support

SMART Podium

All the essentials for a great price.

Training and support services for your institution.

When you work with SMART, you get more than just a great  product, you also get training, installation and support services customized to your needs and budget.


Access our online training courses and how-to videos on our hardware and software solutions anytime, anywhere, so you can get the most out of your collaboration technology—from day one.


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