A female investigator points at a SMART interactive display showing multiple surveillance feeds, including car surveillance and suspect tracking, during a strategic discussion.

SMART for public safety agencies

Critical collaboration for every scenario

Empower law enforcement, fire and rescue, and crisis management teams to train more dynamically, share information, and respond effectively to emerging situations, no matter where they are.

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A female officer explains details on a SMART interactive display to her team in a high-tech operations center, pointing at key surveillance images.

Tools that get everyone on the same page and turn ideas into actions

When safety and security officers and first responders can get hands-on and leave their mark on digital evidence, idea-sharing and problem-solving soar. SMART Board® interactive displays are simple to learn and use and work with your existing tech setup.

Equip your crisis management team to contribute and engage with vital information in real-time with digital workspaces that invites dynamic problem-solving in every file and every meeting.

A smiling firefighter, sitting in a fire station, participates in a video call, showing his readiness and friendliness.

If they can run their smartphone, they can run the SMART Board. Everybody wanted to have their opinion heard. The ease of use was there.

City of Princeton Fire Department

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Meet. Share. Ideate. Together.

Get recruits and teams on the same page, faster.

Whether you’re presenting Emergency Preparedness training, reviewing digital evidence with your team, or reviewing critical data with agents in the field, sharing and interacting with information is easy and engaging with SMART interactive displays.

Powered by SMART Ink

Only SMART interactive displays let you pick up a pen and write directly into and save annotations in original file formats - like PDFs, Microsoft PowerPoint files and Excel spreadsheets - to reference later.

Empower swift decision-making

Whether you’re working together to crack a tough case or handing off critical information to the next shift, SMART solutions let your teams capture, review and communicate vital information in real-time, whether in the room or remotely in the field.

Transform critical training

Features like SMART Ink let you markup video, reports and simulator applications to capture the attention of your trainees and recruits for deeper understanding and problem-solving.
SMART keeps it simple and secure

Hassle-free tech clears the way for your team to respond and engage

SMART fits seamlessly into the tech setup your team already knows and uses. Our displays offer privacy and security that defense organizations, governments, and first responders trust worldwide.

Amazing annotation anywhere

SMART displays and industry-leading SMART Ink work seamlessly with your applications and conferencing solutions, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Effortless automatic updates

OTA updates make it simple and hassle-free to keep your displays optimized with the latest features and security updates.

Peace of mind

Our SMART Assure warranty makes it easy to maintain and support your investment over the years. 24/7 tech support and seamless coverage assure a lifetime of optimal usage.

Feature spotlight

Critical collaboration starts with SMART

SMART Board QX Pro

Our powerhouse display. Future-proofed and equipped to let high-performance teams interact and collaborate from any location.

SMART Board MX Pro

All the tools and interactivity you need for dynamic training and collaboration – at a great price.

SMART Meeting Pro

The unbound digital workspace for brainstorming and collaborating that captures all your “aha” moments. Included with your interactive display.


Instantly transform your existing displays with our computing modules. Put the power of Windows 11 Pro into your display.

Share ideas and information easily and dynamically