SMART Meeting Pro® software

Unbound workspaces

Don't bother erasing. Just keep working. SMART Meeting Pro lets teams capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive workspace. The Unbound Workspace expands as colleagues add images, files, links and notes – even over multiple displays and meetings – for enhanced collaboration.

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Key Features

Navigate the Unbound Workspace

There are no space restrictions – pan in any direction and zoom in and out. A map-style radar view shows your current location and you can bookmark key content to easily go back to it.

Leverage multiple displays

With a Room license, you can connect up to 16 displays to the same workspace. Notes on one display show up on all the others. Even control what content appears on which screen.

Access the workspace

With a Personal license, colleagues can prepare, review and work on files and collaborate with co-workers before, during and after a meeting from anywhere.

Customized templates

Build out customized galleries using your company's templates. Organize your galleries using folder names and export them for use throughout your organization.

Advanced writing

The default calligraphic pen will automatically stylize writing into regular, sleek lines. Easily convert any handwritten note to text with a touch.

Integrated screen capture

Quickly launch a screen capture tool from the SMART Meeting Pro menu to import content from any application into the workspace.

Works with your environment

Compatible with Windows® 7 and higher, SMART Meeting Pro seamlessly integrates with your existing operating system, communications platform and conferencing environment.

Exchange and Office 365 integration

With a Room license, merge your calendar to access meeting attachments, agenda and attendees, as well as email meeting notes.

Unified communications flexibility

SMART Meeting Pro is compatible with any conferencing software, such as Skype®, Microsoft Lync® and WebEx®.


SMART Meeting Pro software — Room license

SMART Meeting Pro software — Personal license
Designed for: Dedicated meeting room computer Personal computer
SMART Service Plan required Minimum 1-year Basic.
Elite and Plus options available.
Minimum 1-year Basic.
Elite and Plus options available.
Operating System Windows 7 and higher Windows 7 and higher
File Format FCW FCW
Included with SMART Board Pro series Yes – 1 license (6000 Pro and 7000 Pro) Yes – 10 licenses (2000 Pro, 6000 Pro and 7000 Pro)

Unparalleled Collaborative Experience

SMART Board® Pro series interactive displays

Multiple users. Multiple tools. Multiple colors. All at the same time. Only with SMART.

Simultaneous Tool Differentiation lets multiple people use pens, erasers and fingertips on the display at the same time.

SMART Ink® lets colleagues write over and into PDFs, Microsoft Office® files, websites and industry-specific software, and save notes in almost any file type.

Object awareness™ recognizes a pen (write), finger (touch/move) or fist (erase), without manually selecting tools.

Pen ID™ lets multiple team members write with different colored ink at the same time.

Simultaneous touch points let multiple people write with fingers and interact with content using gestures, like zoom, rotate and flip.

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