SMART interactive displays powered by IQ

Learn the ins and outs of the built-in iQ system in five easy steps

How do I get started?

Simply pick one tile from each tab below to try out, and you’ll be a pro in no time!
Come back and try new tiles when you’re ready for more.

  • A circular image with a gear icon in the centre.

    1. Personalise

  • A circular image with a finger pointing upwards towards a display.

    2. Interact

  • An image of a circle with a person gesturing towards a screen.

    3. Deliver

  • An image of a circle with two icons resembling chat bubbles.

    4. Engage

  • A graphic of a circle with two browser tabs displayed.

    5. Connect

Step 1


Make the board your own.
An image showing a face visible on the screen.

Sign in to the board

Log into your account to have your settings and favourites on any board.

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Apps and Bookmarks visual representation

Add apps and bookmarks

Personalise your board by pinning favourite apps and bookmarks.

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An icon representing the Settings feature, featuring a gear

Make the board your own

Personalise your display's background with a custom image.

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Step 2


Tools at your fingertips.
An image of a digital whiteboard, ready to be used for brainstorming, note-taking, or collaboration.

Start with a whiteboard

Let the whiteboard space expand with your ideas!

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An image showing the interface for adding a media to a project or presentation.

Add a YouTube video

Bring real-world connections into your classroom with images and videos.

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A visual representation of the Add Ready-Made Activities feature, showing how users can add pre-made activities or lesson plans to their digital workspace.

Add ready-made activities

Save time and frame classroom discussion with ready-made resources.

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A visual representation of the Launch a Browser feature

Open a browser

Launch, connect, and explore the world with the built-in browser!

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Step 3


Facilitate a lesson untethered.
IQ Sync files

Sync your lesson files

Sync your files and access them anywhere.

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A visual representation of the Files Library feature

Use the files library

Organise content for quick access.

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A visual representation of widgets.

Use widgets

Use the built-in widgets to add fun, interactive tools to any lesson.

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Visual representation on SMART board of student devices being connected for engaging in-class and remote learning

Connect student devices

Connect student devices for active learning with two clicks to keep both in-class and remote learners engaged.

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Step 4


Use your board's tools to increase student engagement.
A visual representation of the Share a Screen feature

Share a screen

Share content wirelessly.

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A visual representation of the brainstorming process

Start brainstorming

Use a collaborative brainstorming space to instantly capture student ideas and connections.

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IQ collaboration whiteboard

Create a collaborative whiteboard

Promote collaboration and idea-sharing directly on student devices with whole-class whiteboards.

Visual representation on SMART board of split screen mode for creating engaging, active learning experiences

Split your screen

Create engaging, active learning experiences by running two applications simultaneously with split screen mode.

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Step 5


Make your computer an interactive touch screen by connecting it to your board.
A visual representation of the Write and Draw Ink feature

Write and draw

Powerful writing and drawing tools at your fingertips: Write or draw over any app at any time.

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A visual representation of the Annotate in PDFs feature

Annotate PDFs

Make your mark! Make notes over any PDF and save your work.

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A visual representation of the Record Lessons Ink

Record lessons

Record your voice and screen in any application.

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A visual representation of the SMART Notebook

Use SMART Notebook 23

Overview of SMART Notebook 23 and how it works.

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