What Do CFOs Want from CMOs?

There's a growing urgency for marketing leaders to learn how to speak the language of finance, ANA suggests.

SMART Technologies Chief Financial Officer, Roula Nasser, and Chief Commercial Officer, Jeff Lowe, were recently featured in ANA Magazine for their commentary on the changing sales and marketing landscape.

In a joint interview with Lowe and Roula Nasser, EVP and CFO at SMART Technologies, the rapport between the two executives is clear. "Jeff is pretty unique because he has a knack for data and he has a knack for KPIs and accountability and ROI," Nasser says. "He's always been driven by the impact, [saying] 'If we do this [marketing program or investment], then this is the impact on the customer.'"

Lowe is quick to point out that Nasser is unique among CFOs in her desire to understand how marketing actually works.

“You can go to the board [of directors] and pound your fist on the table as a marketer and say you can't measure everything,” Lowe says. “That's less likely to go well if those on the board haven't actually experienced [marketing]. Roula comes out and spends time at trade shows and events and conferences with our biggest customers and is a great ambassador of the brand.”

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