SMART is CARES Act Eligible

With funding from the new CARES Act, learning can continue with a focus on activities that support remote learning for all students, especially disadvantaged or at-risk students and their teachers.

Webinars and recorded resources

To the tireless teachers, students, parents, leaders, and communities adapting to new learning environments and navigating an uncertain future, we see you. We’re here to support you with live, interactive webinars and recorded resources.

Webinars and recorded resources

SMART Learning Suite and G Suite for Education

Google User?

Go to Google Drive > New > More > SMART Learning Suite

Available if activated by your district's Google Admin. SLSO also integrates with Microsoft Teams, Seesaw and Zoom.

Google Integration Guide

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SMART Is CARES Act Eligible

Additional parent resources

We've put together a list of external resources you might find helpful.

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