A perfect fit for a healthcare giant

A training system heard around the world

When it comes to all things hematology, Sysmex is the leader of the pack. As the world’s #1 producer of testing equipment for hematology, Sysmex provides millions of hospitals, operating rooms, sports stadiums, aquariums, and vet hospitals with the equipment necessary to accurately test blood and urine for various outcomes.

A company of this size, serving over 190 countries with equipment that is directly tied to the health and well-being of actual human lives, has to get it right when it comes to training its representatives.

And for their global training initiatives, Sysmex chooses SMART.

Their dedicated training facility has a mix of in-person and virtual training rooms for hosting groups in hands-on training, as well as broadcasts that are sent around the world. In fact, their training facility has seven full-fledged live broadcast studios where training is broadcast.

Tad Freeland, Sr. Manager, Studio for the Center for Learning at Sysmex, says that SMART checked all the boxes when it came to their training needs.

“We knew we needed to have something that was going to be able to enable sharing a presentation to a large group, whether that be in person or having the ability for an instructor to stand in front of their presentation while on camera,” he said. “The annotation was huge.”

But it was SMART’s capability to integrate with their own computer systems and live stream technology that made us the perfect choice for Sysmex.

“Live broadcast training is huge, and we were kind of the only ones doing it pre-COVID,” Tad said. “When COVID hit, there was no hiccup for us, and people were coming to us asking what to do. The SMART boards were definitely a “wow” factor for a lot of people when they see what it can do for a training environment.”

Sysmex needed size and annotation. We delivered.

Sysmex produces an impressive amount of training content for their employees worldwide. One factor that the Sysmex team knew they needed was large screen sizes for their various training sessions.

“There are times when we have 10-12 in-person associates trying to see a screen at the same time, and they all need the ability to annotate,” Tad said.

“The annotation was key for a lot of the things that our technical teams deal with, like our hydraulics diagrams and electronic schematics,” he explained. “But then having the ability to have the instructor and the students trace out a certain path the fluid might take or the electrical pathway for certain things…that was a huge critical training.”

A true team player

Working with a company that has to meet demand at the size and scope Sysmex does means fast-paced problem-solving is key. Sysmex instructors can’t afford for their technology to fail when they are relaying critical information about healthcare instruments.

That’s why SMART’s support team has been instrumental in the success of Sysmex’s training rollout. There’s never a delay in getting them the answers they need, fast.

“Anytime I have had any sort of technical questions or issues with the SMART board, your support has always been top-notch,” Tad said. “I've been able to call somebody on the phone. and if they weren't able to answer the question right away, someone did end up getting back to us.”

SMART Account Manager, Connor Blake, worked with Sysmex from purchase to implementation. “Seeing the way Sysmex has deployed SMART displays for in-person, remote and video training is a great example of how companies can utilize our products in a wide range of ways in a professional setting.”

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