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Inspiring students to learn sets them on a path to becoming their best selves. SMART helps educators open more ways for students to learn, so they develop the skills they need to succeed and tap into their unique potential.

Inspiring classroom experiences

Simple, flexible, connected solutions

SMART Board® Interactive Displays

Unparalleled collaborative experience

When multiple students contribute to projects at the same time, interpersonal skills, creativity and confidence grow.

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SMART Learning Suite Software

Engage students. Empower teachers

Spark student engagement with game-based activities, formative assessments and the SMART Notebook® lessons teachers love.

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Phones. Tablets. Laptops. SMART solutions encourage participation using all sorts of devices.

Building Grammatical Identification through the Integration of SMART Learning Suite

Bear Creek School

Why Choose SMART

Committed to technology-driven learning outcomes.

We provide solutions purpose-built for education by working with teachers and students worldwide to guide our product design. To ensure effective implementation, we provide professional development and education consulting services grounded in insights from EdTech research.

Latest Research

EdTech best practices to boost learning outcomes.

EdTech best practices to boost learning outcomes.

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Exemplary educators, schools, leaders and students from around the world.

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Education Consulting

Designing needs-based implementation plans.

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Professional Development

Training to get results from day one onward.

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EdTech, learning insights and the latest success stories.

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How this teacher gives greatness to her community

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