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SMART Board 6000S Series

In a league of its own

Our one-of-a-kind powerhouse display delivers unmatched value when it comes to ease of use and student engagement.

Discover why it’s the most effortless choice for IT professionals.

Available in 65” 75” 86”

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SMART Interactive displays have enabled teachers to enhance learning and engage students.... The ease of use allows for our newest teachers and even our subs to focus on content and not stress over the equipment.

Coordinator of Digital Learning, & Technology Services
Lubbock ISD

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Make room for everyone with true multi-user touch technology

A group of students working collaboratively on an interactive display with their teacher.

Truly intuitive.
Truly collaborative.

When we say we support creative collaboration, we mean it.

The 6000S series puts your students in the driver’s seat of their learning with more differentiated pens than any other display. With their own pen type and color, students can collaborate without fighting over tools.

Get the details on the world’s leading multi-user touch technology

Effortless inking

Work together anywhere.

SMART Ink brings your students favorite learning tools and annotations to your files, web browsers, and applications - for both Windows and Mac.

Write and explore freely.

SMART ink keeps annotations where you put them as you move between programs, so you never lose what you wrote.

Get creative.

Differentiated pens means each student can choose their own SMART Ink tool – including art pens, shape recognition pen, highlighters and more!
6000S Series

iQ: Android 11 made SMART

Secure multi-user profiles mean a quick and easy start for every class.

Teachers are always one click away from the apps, files, tools and cloud storage that they know and use daily, kept secure with customized user profiles.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Up to 20 user profiles per display
  • Self-serve profile setup through Google or Microsoft
  • Secure data protection
  • NFC sign-in

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A true crowd pleaser: easy for teachers, exciting for students

Built-in activities and teaching tools make it easy for teachers to add interactivity and engagement on the fly – even if they’ve never used a SMART Board®.

And the options are endless when it comes to student engagement. SMART displays with iQ allow for whole-class participation, truly active learning and a level of student collaboration that you just haven’t seen before.

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It’s a way for teachers to do things more seamlessly. Different interactive features, students become participants to the lesson, and contributors to the lesson. We’re always looking for tools that can do more - instead of having more tools.

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Student interacting with the interactive display

Put the power (of learning) in student hands

Easy connectivity

With the 6000s series’ two 65 W USB-C connections, students can quickly and easily connect their devices to display understanding or lead learning.

Plug & play any Windows device - no need to install any drivers or new software - for annotation and interactivity in the pen-enabled apps students already use, including Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote and more.

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The right choice for Early and Special Education

With Tool Explorer, students can interact with physical objects, like cubes and stamps, that are automatically recognized by the display. This opportunity for engaging, kinesthetic learning with real world objects makes the 6000s series the best choice for early and special education.

Accessibility features included

Every board includes easy-to-access, forward-facing ports and controls with large, intelligently illuminated buttons for ease of use in situations of low light or visual impairment.

Value that can’t be beat

There’s really no question: the SMART 6000S series is the all-encompassing leader in interactivity and
product longevity. Discover what sets it apart.

Compare SMART displays with iQ

6000S Series (V3)

Longevity and interactivity that’s in a league of its own. Unmatched value for IT managers.

  Powered by iQ - on Android 11
Simultaneous touch points Up to 40
Continuous pen, touch and
eraser differentiation
Differentiated pen color Automatic Pen ID
Tools Red and black pen with fine erase,
2x eraser blocks, 2 SMART ID NFC cards
Audio/Video features 2x 20W front-facing speakers
Integrated mic array
2x USB-C 3.2 65W (front), 65W (rear)
Sensors NFC, ambient light, proximity, temperature, humidity
Included mounting Wall mount
Warranty & administration

SMART Assure
SMART Remote Management

Available add-ons SMART accessories
Tool Explorer add-ons

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MX Series (V4)

Exceptional value and game-changing longevity for IT managers.

  Powered by iQ - on Android 11
Simultaneous touch points 20
Continuous pen, touch and
eraser differentiation
Differentiated pen color No
Tools 2 pens, 2 SMART ID NFC card

Audio/Video features 2x 20W front-facing speakers*
Integrated mic array
2x USB-C 3.2 15W (front), 65W (rear)
Sensors NFC, ambient light

Warranty & administration

SMART Assure
SMART Remote Management

Available add-ons SMART accessories

*55” size: 15W speakers. Zero bonded glass not available.

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SMART keeps it simple for you and your teachers

Closeup of a teacher using the SMART board

Easy to adopt

We put in the effort so you don’t have to. When you buy SMART, you buy peace of mind, easy setup and easy implementation.

  • Technology designed for out-of-the-box use – no setup or training required.
  • Self-serve iQ user profiles & NFC setup through familiar Google & Microsoft workflows.
  • Professional Learning - Extend capability with complimentary professional learning plans, online courses and webinars that cover both functional and pedagogical topics

Discover the SMART difference for your implementation
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The peace of mind you need

Partner with a best-in-class company

We’re committed to providing you technology that is as effortless as it is ethical. Learn more about:

Product design for longevity & sustainability
Privacy & Security commitments
SMART’s tools for administrators
Software included with your interactive display
Professional Learning resources
Industry-leading warranty coverage and product support

MX Series

The game changer.


The better basic display.

SMART Accessories

From computing modules to mounting solutions, SMART has all the options you need.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do SMART boards support inclusion and accessible learning?

    SMART solutions support inclusive learning environments by increasing access to participation and engagement for all students. SMART 6000S with Tool Explorer Cubes facilitate non-verbal expression, allowing students to use physical stamps to digitally represent abstract ideas on the display. Digital Manipulatives included with the 6000S support learning through demonstration and representation. They allow students to physically practice and demonstrate learning, without relying on language as a primary communication tool.

  • Which is the best SMART board for teaching in early education classrooms?
    SMART Board 6000S interactive displays with Tool Explorer technology let students manipulate real world objects that are automatically recognized by the display. Help young students combine sensory play and fundamental skill acquisition, reinforcing their learning of shapes, numbers, math skills and more by manipulating physical cubes with digital reinforcement.
  • Are SMART boards easy to use?

    SMART boards support easier workflows for educators, including a whiteboard app, built-in tools and resources  
    and student device integration - all designed for teaching and learning.

    iQ puts everything teachers need to confidently teach at their fingertips, regardless of their tech comfort level.

  • What is the most intuitive interactive display on the market?

    SMART offers a true walk up and teach experience. Built-in content and activities make it easy for teachers to add interactivity and engagement on the fly—even if they’ve never used a SMART Board.

    • Multi-page PDFs import in as little as 3 clicks
    • Engage students with exclusive digital manipulatives, graphic organizers, embedded image/video search and more
    • Whole-class polling and brainstorming activities
    • Split screen mode with simultaneous multi-user touch, writing and erasing 
  • Do SMART boards support multi-user collaboration?
    SMART’s 6000S Interactive Display supports 40 points of touch in Windows and 20 points of touch on Mac, palm reject and differentiated tool use, meaning multiple users can write, ink, erase, move as they want without interfering with the tool selection or input of other users.
  • Which SMART board has the most features?
    The SMART Board 6000S Interactive Display is SMART’s most feature rich panel.

Find the right fit for your classroom