Promotional image of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, displaying educational tools such as dice, a ruler, and a pie chart on screen.

Add interactivity to your classroom

SMART Board interactive whiteboard

Captivating and engaging learning at every touch. Simple to use, deploy and support, SMART M700 series interactive whiteboards are a smart choice for schools looking to take their projector installations to the next level.

Free SMART Notebook software included, no subscription required.

The SMART Board® M700 Series is intuitively designed to work like teachers and students expect, saving on training and support costs.

Three enthusiastic students interacting with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard in a classroom, demonstrating dual-user collaboration with simultaneous tool differentiation as they engage with a colorful map.

Simultaneous Tool Differentiation

Dual-user collaboration 

With 20 points of touch and Simultaneous Tool Differentiation – exclusive to SMART – two users can write, erase, move or gesture at the same time without special modes, toolbars or menu selection. The SMART Board M700 series is intuitively designed to work like teachers and students expect, saving on training and support costs.

Two students and a teacher are engaging with a SMART Board M700 interactive whiteboard in a classroom setting, demonstrating its object awareness feature with one student touching the screen and the teacher observing attentively.

Object awareness

Seamless interaction

With Object Awareness, the SMART Board M700 detects the touch of a finger, a palm erasing, and pens writing automatically.

The active pen tray* provides quick access to ink color sections, highlighter, fine erase, on-screen keyboard and more to make it easy for teachers to run lessons.

*Active pen tray not included in SBM700V models

Built for the classroom

Intuitive control

Rotate, zoom and flick using natural touch gestures

Freestyle interaction

Every surface inch is a collaborative workspace – multiple students, multiple actions

Free Software included

Free SMART Notebook included, no subscription required

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