Celebrate 100 Million Whiteboard Sessions with SMART!

SMART Board with fireworks graphic in the background.

We are excited to announce that educators from around the globe collectively created more than 100 Million Whiteboard sessions on SMART Boards in 2022! This is a significant milestone that we are proud to celebrate and acknowledge the educators who contributed to this achievement.

Throughout the last year, we witnessed a steady rise in usage on the iQ Whiteboard component on SMART displays, resulting in the remarkable milestone of 100 Million Whiteboard Sessions. This achievement is a fantastic benchmark for us to continue pushing past.

Of the 100 million whiteboard sessions, approximately one-third of them were dedicated to creation and ad-hoc brainstorming. The built-in whiteboard provides teachers with the flexibility to create meaningful learning moments on the fly. Whether they are grabbing a ready-made resource, adding an activity, or simply annotating on the board, the grab-and-go nature of the iQ Whiteboard allows for seamless teaching and learning.

The remaining two-thirds of the total whiteboard sessions were attributed to structured lessons, meaning that teachers and educators are utilizing their SMART Boards to assist in lesson creation. Thousands of teachers across the world have experienced how SMART Boards with iQ can save them time in lesson creation and help keep their classrooms active, accessible, and engaged.

On SMART Displays with iQ, the whiteboard is the most frequently used feature, even more than any apps or web browsing. Following Whiteboards, the next most commonly used activity is 'Shout It Out,' with educators using this classroom conversation activity 590,000 over the last few years, and the numbers keep climbing!

We are grateful for the thousands of educators around the world that continue to make SMART interactive displays an important part of their classroom. Thank you for celebrating this milestone with us. You're the reason why we do what we do!

If you want more information on SMART iQ Whiteboarding, check it out in action on our YouTube Channel: